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    i have one issue with my 950xl, it only sometimes recognizes 3g Networks, mostly 2g+LTE. I tested it with 2 different providers (Austria: A1, Drei) and compared it with my Sony z3c. Same Location Sony Hsdpa, 950xl Edge! I can reproduce it every time. I also tried to limit the networkspeed to 3g, or changed the APN, but no luck. Searching for networks doesnt even show 3g capability. Sometimes (mostly outside of a building) 3g works fine.

    Has anyone also the problem or a possible solution. I am wondering if it is a software or hardware problem.

    The issue was from the beginning (stock Firmware and build 0) and is also with the latest Firmware and build 63 (and the builds between). I also used the Windows Device Recovery Tool to reset it and to start over, but no luck.

    The rest of the 950xl is just fine, None of the other issues people complain about (also a very good battery life).

    Hopfully someone has some suggestions.

    01-22-2016 05:58 AM

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