1. Red River's Avatar
    I have been using Lumia 920 with win8.1 for more than 3 years. Just moved on to 950XL for a couple of days. Love this phone, but the only problem is that there are some issues of playing videos in Wechat on 950XL.

    I am not sure whether you use Wechat or not. The problem is 950XL cannot play some videos posted in Moments or Group Chat. Not all of the videos cannot be played. As I have noticed the videos shot by iphone cannot be played. But the same videos can be played on my Lumia 920. I have never met these kind of problems on 920. That's so weird. I'm guessing maybe there are some video decoders are missing on 950XL.

    Can anyone know how to fix this problem please? Thanks.
    03-05-2016 07:34 AM
  2. Ariman Amin's Avatar
    Same here... Maybe wechat app doesn't fully support windows 10 yet..
    03-05-2016 07:37 AM
  3. ghce's Avatar
    Tencent does not support Windows 10.
    I am interested to see that the wechat application is available from the app store? Is QQ also available.
    Tencents lack of support will stop me from upgrading to win 10 or purchasing a 950
    03-05-2016 03:44 PM
  4. vs6xfx's Avatar
    Having same problem with WeChat 6.08

    Beside, feature of History backup and restore is removed.
    03-10-2016 08:05 PM

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