06-03-2016 02:59 AM
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  1. peter leung 10586's Avatar
    I can't believe you guys are paying $40+ dollars for back covers! LOL although they look VERY nice and I would luv to get me one, I just cannot justify the high price tag... sorry nope! I would be crushed seeing if any peeling or chipping happened to my case and I see SOME people putting protective cases to protect the mozo back covers! lol
    I think putting another case to "protect" the mozo cover is nonsensical. mozo cover itself is replaceable and in my opinion not so expensive. I will replace it by a new one if it is damaged. putting another case to "protect" it voids its design.
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    04-09-2016 11:12 AM
  2. Nelle Douville's Avatar
    I've got one on order, but ordered a clear gel case for it, a nice protective compromise.
    04-10-2016 12:00 PM
  3. peter leung 10586's Avatar
    I've got one on order, but ordered a clear gel case for it, a nice protective compromise.
    then you cannot feel the texture of the leather..
    04-10-2016 09:49 PM
  4. aetneerg83's Avatar
    Do you use a case over the Mozo?
    Nope, I tried to look for a clear case but just gave up. No case or bump cases will fit because of the leather's thickness. Mine still looks like the day I got it, no chips, scratches, leather lifting, or any other weird stuff. I have it with me at all times and I work in a factory walking back and forth all the time and I have it in my pocket even though we're not suppose to have cellphones on the production floor.
    04-11-2016 02:49 AM
  5. IIDXholic's Avatar
    My Mozo Black leather with Silver trim looks good for all the abuse I've put it through. The leather is holding up but the silver trim lots of dents and scratches on it. Also all the buttons are sunk in, to include the camera button.
    04-11-2016 11:20 PM
  6. LarsCor's Avatar
    Cant you like, push out the buttons again? Bought the black mozo myself and I'm happy with the leather touch. Not too sure about the 'metal' trim, doesnt look nor feels like the real thing. But the buttons are a little more round and softer than the sharp stock buttons.
    05-04-2016 08:04 PM
  7. Narr's Avatar
    My red/gold case if starting to show signs of wear after just 3 months, the gold is rubbing off and the red leather has become discoloured around the edges. Shame as I really love the feel of the back.
    05-05-2016 03:33 PM
  8. hasasimo's Avatar
    The red/gold Mozo I ordered for a family member's phone just arrived today. Gotta a say I'm a little bit disappointed in how light and cheap it feels. Maybe I've been spoiled by the true metal frame of the Lumia 830, 930, my Xperia Z5 Premium that I sold and my S7 Edge.

    Of course, I already knew it was painted plastic before I ordered it, so it's not false advertising on their part or anything. But it definitely looks like the paint will scratch/chip off with ease. The leather portion does look and feel nice though.
    05-05-2016 11:46 PM
  9. Stanislav Bendik's Avatar
    I've bought the black leather/black rubber one. It is great. It feels great in the hand. The black rubber sides without any scratches. And most important thing is that the mozo cover fits better than the original one. I am trully impressed with the cover.
    05-10-2016 12:26 PM
  10. Narr's Avatar
    I ordered from Mobile Fun and after 3 months my case is showing a huge amount of wear and tear; the corners of the case have lost the gold and the red leather is fading badly. Neither Mobile Fun or Mozo have been helpful and I can't imagine how the case will look after a year.
    05-20-2016 11:39 AM
  11. Mad Cabbie's Avatar
    I have the cognac and silver one, to replace the back on my 950xl. Yep, the white one. Talk about muck magnet! No good in my job as I'm out and about all day. Got the Mozo on Amazon UK for 22.39! I would have liked a more cushioned back, but boy does it look good. Order a red one for my white 950 now!!! 19.99 Amazon UK. Sweet. Yes, they are wireless charge

    I just remembered 1 negative.... The buttons aren't as tactile, and the power button, although I guess it's logical to do, is lower, and counter intuitively, difficult to find😳
    05-20-2016 03:41 PM
  12. travis_valkyrie's Avatar
    Quality is terrible. I've had my cognac/silver case for about a month now and the buttons have sunk in recently (I had to fix this by putting a piece of folded paper between the case and the phone buttons). The leather at the bottom part of the case has also started to separate, and the white stitching has darken (this for obvious reasons). I guess if you're going to use one of these cases then better keep in mind that you're sacrificing quality in favor of premium look.
    06-02-2016 08:22 PM
  13. Corwin_Amber1's Avatar
    The impression I am getting is matching my own expierence.
    I am having a silver / black, black / black and silver / brown one. I impregnated / waterproofed all of them with a leather spray once, which seems to be helping the brown one, not to pick up dirt too easily.

    - The silver rim / black leather one went back after a month, the edges were already worn off after not even carrying it in my pocket. It is mostly on the desk or maybe in the car mount. Mobilefun did not want at first, but I politely was able to make my case and get it exchanged. I went for the black / black then because I thought wear would not be too visible there.
    - The black rim / black leather one is my favourite, I am using it daily. As you would not or hardly see the edges wear, it is holding upo nicely. The leather on the edges is showing a little wear, which is perfectly normal and OK. I like the black look. The best feature of this one over silver or stock is the improved grip.
    - The silver rim / brown leather one is my show-off one, I am using it rarely. It is holding up just fine, which is not surprising, as I am really only using it not even once per week for an evening or day.

    If one would ask me, I would recommend the all black one. I understand the reasoning to go for a shinier one. I would also recommend people with ones holding up badly not to give up and calmly and politely persuade Mobilefun or Mozo to play ball. Photos will probably help a lot. Also it seems clear, that coating the plastic has its limits. The leather, on the other hand, could benefit a lot from impregnating with a normal waterproofing spray for leather. Put tape on the plastic ;)
    06-03-2016 02:59 AM
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