1. mranieri's Avatar
    I have been on the fast ring insider program and this last update has really screwed up my 950XL. Apps not working, constant crashing, cannot reply to texts and dropping calls. When I attempted to connect to the wrdt (3.3.31) it does not see the phone.....in fact when I connect the phone to my pro3...it does not see it either.....

    Any ideas? I am hoping not to hard reset....

    04-22-2016 09:52 AM
  2. signal-2-noise's Avatar
    Try reinstalling WDRT maybe?
    04-22-2016 11:41 AM
  3. mranieri's Avatar
    Thanks..I actually did that but nothing...... I cannot figure out why my phone does not show up when I connect it to me pro3.....
    04-22-2016 11:44 AM

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