05-06-2016 07:19 PM
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  1. xevilrobotx's Avatar
    I have not been able to get VVM though, I will need to look into that.
    It didn't pick it up on our XL until after we updated it to .218 (current production build). The 950 is on .218 too, but it is still a no go for vvm.
    05-04-2016 03:28 PM
  2. PGrey's Avatar
    I would ping Cricket, my guess is that they haven't provisioned this yet. The SIM setting is where this would be, when it's enabled.
    Mine works "relatively" cross-carrier, I can use VVM with my 950XL on AT&T and T-Mobile, both allow enabling through the standard interface in the SIM menu. Most of what you can enable here (SIM Menu) is controlled via your carrier, such as data (i.e. if you have no data plan, you won't see the "mobile data" option, or it will be greyed-out).
    05-06-2016 04:55 PM
  3. PGrey's Avatar
    If you run into issues with your MMS messages, search reddit for the proxy server fix. You might have to point it directly at an IP address. I had the problem and this is what I had to do.
    Be careful with this, it's a DNS nightmare, and if you're having to do this, something MUCH bigger is wrong.
    It probably means the resolver service isn't working correctly, and unless you're running bleeding-edge builds, a simple reboot should connect properly to the right DNS server for your provider, and it will "just work".
    Having to enter the MMS http: address is okay, might break someday, but having to enter the IP address is almost certain to break, far sooner, could be weeks/months, or maybe longer if it's a big provider, but it will break. At least if you have a HTTP, you'll get a re-direct message, or your provider with provision the new APN, without interruption...
    05-06-2016 07:19 PM
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