1. Sathya Ch's Avatar
    Hi All,

    Got a new 950 XL w/ another 950 as a package. Using the 950 XL. The latest OS build has been downloaded (as an update) i.e. now on OS Build 10.0.10586.218

    However, I see that the battery life is really bad. Does not even last half a day for no specific usage. In comparison my Lumia 1520 would easily last all day long.

    My initial hypothesis was that downloading of the apps from the backup / store (restoration) was draining the battery. But, now that the restores are completed it still drains really aggressively.

    Battery saver shows that Whatsapp is guilty of most of the battery consumption. However, I see rapid drains even on preventing background usage on WhatsApp.

    I have read that 950 XL has suffered from battery issues, but the more recent OS upgrades should have fixed that. Anyone else seeing battery issues?

    I have disabled NFC, Hey Cortana, and today, I even have disabled the Iris / Facial recognition features.

    Any thoughts / pointers?
    04-29-2016 08:06 PM
  2. Mesbah's Avatar
    Another culprit is Outlook if each account set to download from server emails as they arrive. Change all email account to sync daily or something like that.
    Some apps running in background also drain a lot of battery power. Many such apps need not even run in bg. Minimize number of apps running in bg.
    Also get rid of Skipe! if you don't need it. At present it is useless wasteful app.
    04-29-2016 08:12 PM
  3. Sathya Ch's Avatar
    Good reco. on Outlook. I did check my sync settings, all my outlook accounts have been set to "sync based on usage". That should hopefully be pulling based on usage.

    Looking at the battery usage, Skype is hardly using any battery from amongst the apps :(
    04-29-2016 08:18 PM
  4. Ryujingt3's Avatar
    I had battery issues too but, and it is your own risk, the later builds on the Windows Insider program do definitely help improve battery life. The latest Redstone build that was just released to Fast ring has allowed my 950XL to regain decent battery life again and to easily last more than a day on a single charge.
    04-29-2016 11:48 PM
  5. benualson's Avatar
    What is your brightness setting, glance timeout, are you connected to hidden wifi?
    05-03-2016 07:20 AM
  6. real0395's Avatar
    I just recently upgraded to the lumia 950xl (on the most recent 'official' build .218) from a lumia 830 that was on the slow ring, and have been finding the battery to be very good actually. I have set my default brightness to 0%, but with automatic adjustment setting on. I find the screen to be very bright honestly. Everything else is on, nfc, iris scanner, glance is set to 30 sec, lumia motion data is even on detailed. I did change the feedback setting to never though. Regardless of any phone, I always charge the phone when I go to sleep but if I use it heavily, it'll last me at least the whole work day and then some. When on standby/little use I definitely could probably go at least 24 hours.
    05-03-2016 12:53 PM
  7. zukum's Avatar
    Im also experiencing battery drain. The battery saver says Screen is doing mostly the drain. I've had to charge phone twice today. All I do is, twitter some, instagram some, and casual browsing. I used to hate my iPhone 6 battery but I'm getting the same
    05-03-2016 11:56 PM
  8. dubbsix's Avatar
    I capitalized on the same deal you did and scored both a 950 and XL. I was underwhelmed by the battery performance on the bigger XL. I did go through and prevent some apps from running in the background, but the battery life has still left me eye balling my iPhone as having to carry a cable with me so that the XL can last all day is ridiculous.

    I am now running on the pre-release ring and I am running .242. I have just charged to 100% so I will be watching closely. If the battery continues to suffer Im going to put both phones back in the box and send back to MS.
    05-05-2016 02:17 PM
  9. Sathya Ch's Avatar
    Thanks Dubbsix. Please let me know of your observations with .242 as compared to .218

    I unfortunately can not update to a non stable / retail build. But will keep my fingers crossed that they push an update soon to my phone.
    05-05-2016 05:20 PM

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