1. Harshv61's Avatar
    Hi guys, while scrolling through various Youtube Videos, was surprised to see high Screen On time usage of S7 Edge compared to other android smartphones.

    To my surprise rare are such videos or reviews about 950XL's anywhere. Also we dont have any SOT or time since last charge option in Win10 mobile.

    Share about your typical SOT battery life along with your build no.
    Last edited by Harshv61; 05-08-2016 at 02:33 AM.
    05-08-2016 01:05 AM
  2. Abhinav Mudaliar's Avatar
    M quite impressed with my Lumia 950xl on build .218, gives me full 1 day usage on moderate use, with wifi on all te tym, i dont play games though
    05-08-2016 03:08 AM
  3. sst154's Avatar
    Usually around 15% an hour, so 6/7 hours. But sometimes up to 25%/hour don't know why. All of this % usually while web browsing, and screen set to auto on 35% brightness.
    05-08-2016 09:23 AM

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