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    After getting a brand new 950XL in February I dropped it last night and it is now dead. My insurance will probably pay out so it isn't such a big deal. What is a big deal though, is that I'm toying with the idea of trying out a S7 Edge or iPhone 6S while waiting for the Surface phone instead of getting a replacement 950XL.

    Overall I have been quite happy with my phone and it grew on my to the extent of really enjoying it. The thing is that I've been using an old 1520 (WP8.1) since last night and it is just so good! Smooth as silk, much quicker than the 950XL. And the 1520 feels as expensive in the hand as the 950XL was.

    My primary mobile devices have always been Nokia/Microsoft and started with a Nokia 2110i in 1997. I've been exposed to both iOS and Android and they both have their drawbacks. But they both have lots of apps and I reckon it might be time to go check out the world that apps bring.

    I've been a very vocal supported of Windows in its mobile guise and it will be a sad day if I decide to switch. What to do. What to do?
    05-12-2016 04:49 AM
  2. Pete's Avatar
    Update your 1520 to Windows 10 Mobile and use that while the insurance sorts itself out.
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    05-12-2016 04:53 AM

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