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    Let me first day this is my second 950xl. The first one was single sim from Amazon and the second one is from Microsoft.
    I keep losing Data/cellular network it goes from lte to nothing and searching. Sometimes its on 4g with no data. Others it's on 2g and you know the deal there.
    I first ordered a single sim off Amazon and it did the same, so I returned it. Then Microsoft offered the$150 off deal last week so I figured I'd try it again since I love the phone. But it too is doing the same thing. I've tried stock, slow ring, fast ring, and the other I forgot the name with no luck. I've also went into the phone dialer settings and locked just lte which fixed my data issue but could no longer make calls. So I had to revert back. I've checked apn settings all good there. I've even changed from sim one to sim two and did everything again. I've also started from scratch 3 times all of which has the sim installed the whole time.
    I also own a lg v10, Sony z3, nexus 6p, iPhone 6s plus, and a unlocked dual sim Lumia 640xl. All of them keep and hold Data and cellular. So I know it's not my location. I'm a phone junkie and know a lot about them. I'm not a programmer or nothing though. But I know how to customize, root, jailbreak, etc. ect.
    Is there anything I'm not doing and is this a common issue with the 950xl. The only other phone I've had trouble with like this was the 1520 but it was an at&t phone and every time I restarted that phone I just enabled the settings for Data under phone dialer settings. But can't do that on the 950xl cause I lose phone call capability.
    please help if I can't get it figured out by Saturday I'm going to make a 2hr drive to a Microsoft store to return it. I don't want to though as I love the phone other than that.
    oh and I'm on Tmobile in the states
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    06-01-2016 08:36 PM
  2. Allen Rhodes's Avatar
    I am experiencing that on mine but both AT&T. Doesnt help you, but sharing my experience. I am attributing it to them changing their network, dropping 2g/edge. Many people I know are having signal issues. Not just MS phones.
    06-01-2016 10:57 PM
  3. vw65bus's Avatar
    Thanks for your feedback,

    I've also learned today that on build 318 I've lost the ability to use Bluetooth unless I restart my phone every time. As soon as I turn of the Bluetooth device and back on later I have to restart my device. I'm using Bluetooth headphones at work. It'll connect but music won't play thru them. Weird Bug I didn't have before. Dunno,
    06-02-2016 08:28 PM

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