1. vukmania's Avatar

    So I'm buying my first second hand phone in my life, a Lumia 950XL + display dock.

    My questions to you guys is, do I need to look for some bugs of any kind in the software?
    Any known hardware flaws your phone has had I should be aware of?
    To put the question in perspective, when I bought my Surface I did a harddrive check, motherboard check and a CPU check to see if the computer was healthy.

    According to the seller(41 years old engineer working at Volvo) he has the receipt and it's has no physically flaws.

    Best regards,
    06-02-2016 03:13 AM
  2. midnightfrolic's Avatar
    Test it out first before you buy at a public location like a police station just in case they decide to mug you. Make sure you check whether it has reset protection enabled or not. It prevents you from doing a proper factory restore. Ensure it has been disabled and perform a factory reset before buying and sign in with your account and make sure it fully functions before giving your hard earned money away.

    Maybe open the case to inspect the battery and qi charging back cover looks normal. Make sure the dock has all cables, check package contents. Etc...

    06-02-2016 03:53 AM
  3. Pete's Avatar
    Should be fine. Just make sure that it turns on, that your SIM works on it and that it's in decent physical condition.

    I don't think a Volvo engineer will mug you.
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    06-02-2016 04:11 AM
  4. JRDEMASKUS's Avatar
    Never believe the story they tell you unless you know them.
    Enter "IMEI CHECKER" into your search bar. Use Swappa, (or other) and enter the IMEI from the phone, not the OPEN box, or what the seller says the IMEI is. Make sure the phone is not blacklisted.
    Check the Water indicators.

    Other than that, the phone itself is still slightly buggy, and lags more than it should for having such a "high end" processor. Something is not optimized properly? I had a much better experience with the 1520. Even my HTC M9 runs better.
    But if you have to have this device, with a little patience and lower expectations, and an easy to swallow price, you should be fine.
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    06-02-2016 10:23 AM
  5. Allen Rhodes's Avatar
    Not saying to do or not to do this, but the phone cant be more than a yr old. Any MS store will have new ones in stock if say the phone has random problems. May get a brand new one. End user warranty. Bought a band 2, used, and it died less than 24hrs later. They swapped it for a new one no questions asked.
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    06-05-2016 07:08 PM
  6. Ph0n6's Avatar
    If you can download the application called "Hardware tests" and that should covered the basics. If cannot then try the image from notebookcheck 950XL reviews, test wifi, bluetooth, nfc, cellular signals, some heavy games to see how it performs. Another trick is pressing ##634# and see the color variant, if it is correctly displayed then you are good, but if it says "Default" then watch out, in my country those with that has their mainboard fixed, they do work fine but I don't like the idea of having a replaced mainboard. Good luck.
    06-05-2016 11:51 PM

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