1. vince8603's Avatar

    Just updated to 10.0.14393.67
    Just have a question, you can see the youtube link, time 01:11
    Why the Camera can switch video, photos and others options ?
    Mine only photo and video can choose
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    08-16-2016 10:59 PM
  2. Chintan Gohel's Avatar
    the others is panorama - comes with an update for camera app
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    08-17-2016 05:54 AM
  3. jes1888's Avatar
    Funny, i have my phone with the current release of the AU and every app up ti date and my camera doesn't have the panorama mode. I use to have in this build while in the inside program before AU launch
    08-20-2016 08:52 PM
  4. raggedy b's Avatar
    Not on insider have the anniversary update, store is showing all my apps are up to date but I haven't got panorama either ,is this on insider only
    08-21-2016 09:01 AM
  5. jes1888's Avatar
    Apparently,I though I was the only one
    08-21-2016 09:07 AM
  6. anon(5841099)'s Avatar
    Panorama is still Fast Ring insider only I believe. It should come to all users pretty soon I guess.
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    08-21-2016 09:18 AM

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