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    first of all not sure if this is in correct section but thought you might like to have a laugh at these Muppet, first of all my 950 xl started to reboot it self either when I was using it or while I was on phone, sent back for repair as it still in warranty had three months left to get it returned with this bollocks

    first this was with phone Dear Customer! Malfunction of your device caused by the extra Protective film on the Display.

    Tisztelt ugyfel! Az on altal jelzett hibat a keszulekre helyezett vedofolia okozza

    Microsoft own cover,

    then to find this Cracked or scratched touchscreen.
    Significant cosmetic damage, such as scratches, dents, etc.
    *Evidence of unauthorized service or attempted disassembly.
    *Tamper label removed, altered, or otherwise disturbed.
    *Modifications to internal components.
    *Serial number removed, mismatched, altered, or otherwise unreadable
    *Physical damage due to the causes above voids the warranty for your mobile device. Because of this,

    wear I can except but the rest total bull beside insert sim card battery that all being done where do I stand as to me the are screwing me and others to repair there own ****
    08-18-2016 10:35 AM

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