1. Grodelj's Avatar
    This morning I suddenly noticed an interesting bug in notification center: there were strange names instead of apps, but everything seemed to be working fine.


    Then I decided to reboot and *poof*, my start menu was gone, instead there was only list of apps. I could open notification center, cortana, all the apps, but start menu just was not there. Nothing happened if I swiped to the right. I did a soft reset and everything was the same. Then a notification came, to update to build .189. Well, I thought that it can't be any worse can it? Boy was I wrong:) After an update, every single app has vanished from my phone, except these ones here:


    I can find an app with cortana, but it cannot be opened. So I guess its WDRT for me. I am not even mad, I am amazed
    09-19-2016 03:32 PM
  2. Grodelj's Avatar
    And for the cherry on top: Backup cannot be restored, something went wrong. Now I'm mad. Ofcourse there is no option to restore from yesterday or last week, there is only backup available from today and it's clearly broken. Motherf?#%"*#!

    And again, after a failed restore, I'm without the start menu.
    09-19-2016 04:43 PM
  3. Mesbah's Avatar
    Time for a clean update after hard reset...makes your phone brand new. Just don't restore from backup.
    09-19-2016 04:46 PM
  4. Grodelj's Avatar
    Yeah..I know what I have to do, but that is a real pain in the *** for me. Installing all the apps again and adjusting all the settings..
    09-19-2016 04:53 PM
  5. Chippy757's Avatar
    Just did that myself, have to spend a bit of time setting up again, but all very smooth again so worth it.
    09-21-2016 01:55 PM

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