1. Hikari_PL's Avatar

    I have 950XL and DT-904 wireless charger. Unfortunately, a few days ago, in Gadgets app I noticed that there are no settings for app notifications as they used to be? Only low batter notification is left.

    What is going on? Looks like one step back, removing one of key features of DT-904.

    11-11-2016 08:11 AM
  2. Flying Kiwi's Avatar
    Hi Hikari_PL,

    About a month ago I bought a DT-904 for use with my new Microsoft Lumia 950. I discovered the same thing and assumed that it had always been this way. Your posting gives me hope in that what Microsoft broke, Microsoft can (and should) fix again! I immediately went through the motions of raising a case with the company now offering official tech support for Microsoft's Mobile devices (since they're both Microsoft branded devices and Microsoft wouldn't help with the DT-904 directly).My charger went all the way from where I live in the UK to this companies repair workshops in Hungary and today I got it back with exactly the same problems still being evident (as you described). This prompted me to go online searching and I found your post.

    I've also found that the DT-904 doesn't remember the brightness setting in the Win 10 gadget and consequently the base light won't switch on for the charger (until I go into the gadget and correct this). I'm going to use my phones feedback app to report this faulty gadget to Microsoft and encourage you (and others similarly affected) to do the same.
    03-09-2017 07:00 AM
  3. Bretagne1989's Avatar
    Same here my DT-904 with my 950XL is missing the notifications menu, pretty gutted as I'm missing this feature so much.

    Is there anyway around this ?

    Please Microsoft get this sorted out.
    07-14-2017 10:28 AM
  4. Bretagne1989's Avatar
    On another point why does the DT-904 get so warm while charging ! I know they take a while to charge with wireless charging which I don't mind but Would this damage my 950xl if I keep using it on there as it keeps getting so warm !

    I have a old Fat boy pillow wireless charger upstairs beside my bed which I used to use for my lumia 930 but it works with my 950xl no problem at night and that never gets warm at all ?

    So why does the DT-904 get hot and my old fat boy wireless charger doesn't get hot at all.

    Any help would be appreciated thanks.

    Ross Brown.
    07-15-2017 04:41 AM

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