1. Zolotoy's Avatar
    Both email accounts Company and Gmail stopped working. Tapping on will sometimes open email but no syncing. Or sometimes it wont even open it. I have had this long time before while using insider. Currently I am on 10.0.14393.448. Any idea? Yeah, soft reset didn't help.

    11-29-2016 04:42 AM
  2. abhishek singh21's Avatar
    did you try re connecting those accounts again? remove them first , restart your device and connect them again .
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    11-29-2016 05:06 AM
  3. Zolotoy's Avatar
    Gmail. I removed it, added back. Got to the point: Creating account ...... I see that the phone is trying very hard to create it, but seems like not today. It's been at least 15 min. Something else to try?
    11-29-2016 05:18 AM
  4. anthonyng's Avatar
    FYI, my gmail is ok today. I have IMAP and also the microsoft account all look ok.

    Once in a while I get the account settings out of date but I've found the best course of action is to sit and wait it out and usually it's cleared up later in the day. Especially for google related stuff, sitting an waiting seems to best bet and gives the least amount of grief :)
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    11-29-2016 11:40 AM
  5. Zolotoy's Avatar
    What about my company email? It's definitely not a Google email. Trying to recreate Gmail account again. Does not work. I remember when I had insider I had the same problem. Had to use the most recommenced here method: hard reset.
    11-29-2016 12:27 PM
  6. anthonyng's Avatar
    Company mail doesn't have any new device restrictions right?

    Thus far, any of my email accounts that have gone wonky, waiting it out seems to fix itself within the day. There were a couple times where gmail was wonky and took longer but eventually was corrected within a week.

    Generally though, Gmail, my personal imap and ms account have been stable and I haven't resorted to immediately trying to fix it because I've found that if something is amiss, it does fix itself. Sorry I don't have a bullet proof solution to offer.
    11-29-2016 01:45 PM
  7. Zolotoy's Avatar
    Thanks for your help. I will wait a little longer. It's been already one day. Currently I have no Gmail contacts. Major pain in the ***. Texts come down with no names.
    11-29-2016 01:50 PM
  8. anthonyng's Avatar
    wow I've never experienced what you have. I don't rely on google address book though, I try to keep all my core information on my microsoft account. Gmail contacts GAL works well when I have to email someone but not in my people address book and no interest to add them either.
    11-29-2016 04:08 PM
  9. Zolotoy's Avatar
    So, anyone? Any idea before resetting this piece of ****?
    11-29-2016 04:08 PM
  10. Zolotoy's Avatar
    The sad part of it is that I din't do anything with the phone. How a problem of such magnitude could even happen???
    11-29-2016 04:19 PM
  11. anthonyng's Avatar
    11-29-2016 04:51 PM
  12. Zolotoy's Avatar
    Already installed. Nope. They should put on a box that the phone comes in: Frequent reset is required. Shame on you MS.
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    11-29-2016 07:04 PM

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