1. andrew-in-woking's Avatar
    Hi everyone
    Since getting my 950 XL, I have left the display scaling on the default (350%) but the other day I decided to play around with it to see what it was like. I moved the scale down to the lowest possible to start with (250%) and it was awful with buttons being very small on the screen. I moved the slider up to each point to see what it was like and to my surprise I have found that the one point on the scale above the default (400%)to be significantly better than the default setting.

    There is some loss of functionality, such as not being able to have four medium sized tiles across the start screen and only four quick actions available at the top instead of five. However, I find that at 400% resolution, many of the OS UI elements are much easier to use and it looks much more like what you would expect from a phone UI.

    I found the top position on the scale (450%) a little too big as UI elements like the buttons at the bottom and address bar in Edge, for example, crowding out the content. Also, on 450% you still get a mobile view of websites in landscape mode but at 400% adaptive websites will display more content horizontally in landscape mode.

    Anyway, having had the phone for some time and "coped" with what I thought were some strange scaling decisions from Microsoft, I now seem to be having a much better experience of the phone having made that change and I was wondering what scaling others have applied to their displays for daily use?
    05-14-2017 08:26 AM
  2. fin11's Avatar
    I changed it to 300%, I find maps and edge display much better and scrolling is smoother in Edge after CU. Sure buttons are a bit smaller but it doesn't bother me. When texting I get more word options to choose from. Text got too small so I chaged scaling in ease of access - more - textscaling to 150%.
    05-14-2017 10:22 AM

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