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    So when I purchased my 950XL, I also got the Microsoft Complete that is still valid. I broke my screen a few days ago, and now I need to replace the phone under Complete claim. However, I went to a store and they don't sell any windows phones anymore. The only WM phone they had was the HP, but they don't have any in stores (just display, hidden on a shelf somewhere). But they have plenty of S8s and actually an iPhone (yes, I know). So now that they don't sell any WPs, what happens to my Complete replacement plan? Do they change me into S8 or do they send the 950XL out for repairs?

    Anyone had any experience with this?
    05-18-2017 11:01 AM
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    That is unfortunate. Are there any other Microsoft Stores in your area that you could check to see if they have inventory?

    From what I've heard, you should have the options to exchange it for another device that the Microsoft Store sells, or get your money back. That may come back through your credit card or in store credit. It probably depends on the store/manager on duty.

    Out of curiosity - which store location is this?
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    05-18-2017 11:18 AM

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