08-07-2017 12:58 PM
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  1. darrell reimer's Avatar
    Unfortunately no.......TD bank gone, Gasbuddy, Starwars Commander, PayPal, the list goes on and on...unfortunately....it's getting very frustrating.....

    Sent from Lumia 950XL
    The PayPal mobile site works just as well as the app did...with our large 950 XL screen, mobile sites work almost as well as the apps. Actually, sometimes they work better. I've got a Galaxy S5 that I keep updated to 'see what i'm missing'; it's actually quite difficult to keep it up to date. Its' 16 GB memory is filled up with 1/3 of the apps I have on my 950 XL. For some reason, it seems like Android apps use up way more memory. Android OS is a mess when trying to move apps to the SD card; you have to go one by one, and try and move them individually, and even then, half the apps block this. Even on my S5, my local bank does not support Android pay for my debit card; yes - my VISA cards work, but I use my debit way more, so i'm not really missing this feature on my Windows phone.
    On my Android phone, I actually pin my local transit company's mobile site to the start screen, rather than using the add-drenched apps. Same with my local bank. The Android app is way weaker than the mobile site I pin to my 950 XL start screen. In my view, the grass is not greener on the Android side (even though all the adds and media says it is)....
    08-02-2017 12:26 AM
  2. snowsparks38's Avatar
    I would do just about anything to have a phone like this...
    08-04-2017 08:26 PM
  3. randomforum's Avatar
    I recently bought a lumia 950xl (1 week old) i really want to stay with windows mobile, but the lumia i think have problems or its 15063.483 update fault. I returned it, so i dont want to risk to keep a faulty phone.

    I had temperatures issues, the battery lasted me 5 hours of use, or 6 hours of casual use. I cold not install or transfer apps over my sd card, when turn off the phone and then turn on again i lose 10% each time. I was really enjoying the phone and continuum, but i cant deal with these kind of issues.

    I did restore with Windows Device Recovery Tool, instaled all updates, hard reset, still the same. I really wish that we get new devices using the Qualcomm SnapDragon 625 soon, but i think never, still using the lumia 435 and 550
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    08-07-2017 12:58 PM
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