1. intrance's Avatar
    So, I know the 950 XL has had it's share of WiFi issues regarding 5GHz connections. But I haven't seen this one before...

    My 950XL has no issues finding and connecting to 5GHz networks. Not at first and not after a while like it was the issue in the past. However, it seems to disconnect when locked for a while. I will wake up the phone and see it being on 4G instead of WiFi before it quickly reconnects.

    Anyone having the same issue? I've tried the public release, slow ring, fast ring, resets on-phone and with WDRT, gone over all settings but still the same issue. No other devices have this issue.
    08-24-2017 06:00 PM
  2. midnightfrolic's Avatar
    Might be a faulty phone. Check to make sure your battery is not bulging. Take it out and spin it on both side. If it spins freely, even remotely, it might be bad. Bulging means the cells have gone bad and ruptured. May randomly cause weird stuff you happen on the phone.

    If not, unit could be physically bad. Or, chalk it up to a 'feature' of owning the 950XL.

    You could try this. Temporarily change your wifi to a different name and do not use any encryption. Leave it unsecured and open. Test our your 950XL and if if same issues occur. If the 950XL has no issues, then the issue could the encryption hand shaking between the phone and router. Possibly need to use WDRT several times to get it back to factory state and test again with an open wifi.

    If the phone still has same issue even without encrypted wifi, could be faulty hardware. Or bug in the OS with sleep and the slower cores. Maybe take it into MS for support if you've already factory reset it several times.

    I got my money back by invoking my 2yr plan with MS, on my 950XL. I just couldn't tolerate all the issues the phone was having. My battery was fine. Switched to cheap Android. Works great and MUCH MUCH MUCH better than Win10M and fast as hell. Made a few concessions, but meh. I don't use Continuum as much as I thought. Live tiles is not missed much.

    Now I have all the apps I wanted, smartphone pay, stuff just works. No crashes of any kind yet. Not even a hint of app resuming crashing or hangs.

    edit: i might come back one day if things get worked out. But not holding my breath.
    08-25-2017 12:53 AM
  3. intrance's Avatar
    I have a Galaxy S7 already, the 950 XL is just a 'fun' secondary phone. It's not a fatal issue, it holds the connection fine on 2,4GHz. Not going to send it in, battery is fine. Just wondered if someone else had seen this behavior before, losing the connection only on sleep.

    I'll chalk it up to another way Microsoft is trying to get rid of the last few W10M users
    08-25-2017 03:40 AM

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