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    Hi folks,

    Yesterday I connected a Arc Touch bluetooth mouse to my Lumia 950 so I could try Remote Desktop. I installed Microsoft's Remote Desktop app and connected to my machines. It looked fantastic with the resolution of the 950 able to handle my 1080p screen just fine. The touch support for mouse movement works pretty slick and the touch keyboard is nice with its list of special keys (e.g. Tab, Esc, etc) up above the standard characters.
    That initially positive experience was dented when I tried to use the connected bluetooth mouse. I was disappointed to find that it didn't "take over"/"become" the remote desktop mouse. I went to the Windows Feedback to share my frustration.
    Today I was using it again and accidentally missed the keyboard button and touched the machine title bar instead. All of a sudden I see a list of remote active desktops on the left and a single button on the right called "mouse pointer". After touching it I realized that it had put me into a mode where I was no longer driving the mouse pointer on screen, but rather my touches were now the mouse actions so I could click, click and drag, etc. And I was pretty excited when I connected my Arc Touch bluetooth mouse and it had "become" the remote desktop mouse... success! :)

    So to toggle between mouse modes, click the machine title bar and then click the "mouse pointer" button. I believe the app starts in "mouse pointer mode".

    This blog post explains the difference between "mouse pointer mode" and "touch mode": Gesture list for the Touch and Mouse Pointer input modes for the Remote Desktop apps

    I thought I'd post about this since I only found this "mouse pointer" button by mistake and I imagine others are also looking for similar mouse pointer when using a bluetooth mouse.

    This app is going to turn my phone into a tiny little laptop :). Has anyone got any other tips and tricks for using the Remote Desktop app on their phones?
    The one thing that doesn't seem to work is the right-click from the mouse. Can someone confirm if that is just me or if others are experiencing the same behavior?
    And I've had the phone crash/restart once when using the remote desktop app. Has anyone experienced similar?
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    11-24-2015 01:08 PM
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    I should mention that right-clicking works elsewhere on the phone e.g. right clicking on a tile is the same as "touch and hold".
    Weird that right-click doesn't work within Remote Desktop...
    11-24-2015 03:46 PM

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