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    I upgraded from an HTC One M8 to the 950 on Saturday, with AT&T. Long story short, the economics worked out that I should upgrade on my Next plan, and not to purchase an unlocked phone (so, no XL for me).

    Walked in to my local AT&T corporate store. Really bouncing back and forth between iPhone 6s plus, Samsung Note 5, and Lumia 950. (Do I take a break for a year and try Android? Go back to iOS? Stay on Windows?). The salesperson, Frederic, was extremely helpful. He dual wields an iPhone and a Lumia phone, is a big Xbox gamer (which got him into the Windows ecosystem), and spoke with knowledge about both platforms. I've been on Windows Phone since the L900, iPhones before that, so I knew all the basics but it was great to be able to bounce comparison ideas off him and have an informed answer.

    Buying experience was fast, painless, and now I have a stormtrooper L950. I'm typing this with Continuum on my Xbox One throught the Wireless Display Preview app, using a bluetooth mouse and Apple wireless keyboard. All of that connected and worked first try.

    Oh, and Hello (beta)? Has worked every time except in a completely dark room. And I wear glasses. (Train it multiple times. It helps, just like the Kinect.)

    Could. Not. Be. Happier!
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    12-01-2015 11:19 AM

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