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05-01-2018 12:10 PM
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    Battery life on my 950 has been great for the few weeks I've had it. Last two days or it's been terrible. Down to 20% or so after 3 hours off charger with no significant usage. Phone is always warm. Clearly something is taking using up processor cycles. No new apps installed by me. I know I got an OS update, so that's likely the culprit. Anybody else seeing this? OS build 10.0.14388.0.

    Update: I switched to Fast preview updates and got version 10.14390, which solved the problem. Back to original battery performance.
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    This is not the phones problem, it is cause by bad software in the fall creators upgrade, it always hits Phones & tablets, as they cannot work quite like PCs, & dont have the same option of reinstalling or rolling back drivers that mess up the way they work, the only option is to complain to microsoft via the phones feedback, when enough people complain about the same problem they might just release a fix for it, for myself, had enough of Microsoft phones, they are no longer going to support them fron Jan 19 anyway, they should of kept to their own business, ie be good at 1, not crap at 2, BUYING A BLACKVIEW ANDRIOD 7 PHONE FOR £54, & I WAS 1 OF MICROSOFT PHONES GREATEST FANS (when they were nokia Lumia) now no one supports the apps u need, RIP MICROSOFT PHONES.

    I want to get a discussion going to try to figure out what's causing the massive screen-off battery drain on the lumia 950 (AT&T). I don't believe I'm the only one experiencing this, but here's some background:

    Phone has windows hello turned off, hey cortana on, glance screen set to turn off at 15 min. Quiet hours in effect 10pm-8am. Location, cell, wifi, bluetooth all on.

    The results:

    Charge to 100% and let sit overnight -- first night, around 7 hrs long, it drained to 87%.

    Charge to 100% and let sit overnight -- second night, around 9 hours long, it drained to 67%.

    Charge to 100% and let sit overnight -- third night, around 7 hours long, it drained to 90%.

    Anyone else having similar issues? What's the problem here? My app background permissions have been tinkered with when i first got the phone so a few apps don't run in the background, and I deleted many of the bloat/AT&T apps that I don't use. Thoughts? Solutions?
    05-01-2018 12:10 PM
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