1. B1zzle's Avatar
    For the love of god, someone help me.
    Is there a setting I can change so cortana DOES NOT ask me to "read it or ignore it" when I get a text whilest driving and listening to music via bluetooth? Every texts stops the music, and sometimes it messes up the Bluetooth connection and I cant play music till i reset this phone. I love the phones camera, but dang this win10 mobile is messed up. Id go back to my 1020 but I love the camera too much.
    12-08-2015 09:51 AM
  2. dKp1977's Avatar
    Launch Cortana -> tap the hamburger menu -> notebook -> settings -> scroll down, there's a drop down menu labeled "read incoming SMS aloud" or something like that. Choose from one of the available options there (like off or only headset with cable).
    12-08-2015 09:57 AM
  3. B1zzle's Avatar
    thank you! I had looked there to a see settings but didnt think they would be hiding in notebook. WTH
    12-08-2015 10:03 AM
  4. rjl2001's Avatar
    I use a bluetooth speaker a lot, and don't mind Cortana asking to read my text messages. On my 1020 no matter if I said read it, ignore it, or just didn't say anything, my phone would go back to playing the music where it left off. On the 950 when I get told about a text, no matter what I do the phone will not continue playing music after cortana closes. I have to go to the phone, and press play which is very annoying. Any help for this? Or just another step backwards on W10M?
    12-14-2015 05:00 PM

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