1. krautzi's Avatar
    got my new Lumia 950 Dual SIM last week here in god old Germany. Great stuff so far, but today inserted the 128 GB SanDisk microSDXC UHS-I SD Card and my Lumia does not recognize it.

    Tried reformatting SD Card but no chance...any idea...also getting from time to time message that there is not enough space on hard disk...ok can Igore it...my build is 10.0.10586.0

    Any idea

    12-18-2015 11:26 AM
  2. ashram's Avatar
    it should work fine. format it as ex fat on you PC (not quick format, a full, long boring format) and then try.
    also, did you get the card from a legitimate reseller? if not you could search for "fake sd card test" and run a test to make sure it IS a 128GB card...

    also, think the latest update for the phone ends in .29 (republished this week)

    worst care scenario, use Windows Device Repair Tool to restore your phone to new, update it, and then try again with the card?
    12-18-2015 01:00 PM

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