1. y19mike77's Avatar
    After I take a pic then go to look at it. I noticed the phone takes it upon its self to adjust the pic. I like how the pic looks before the adjustment. How do I turn this off?
    12-28-2015 10:53 AM
  2. MirthRock's Avatar
    Don't quote me on this, but I believe you have to turn off Rich Capture.
    12-28-2015 03:54 PM
  3. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Living Images adjusts for movement and you can see that in the preview... Also Rich Capture (flash off) and Dynamic Lighting (RC + flash on).

    These can be examined and manipulated on PC.

    rhapdog has a couple of help threads that may interest users.

    12-28-2015 05:21 PM

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