12-27-2016 10:17 AM
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  1. Danger_bearD's Avatar
    1. Too expensive. The product price-quality ratio is simply absurd. Why bother if 90% of 950 features are in beta state? iOS/Android isn't making me a beta tester for 3 years. *headshakes*
    2. Overall appearence - this device doesn't look premium (considering its price), nor prestigeous. Simply a bigger 630, or whatever. Plasticky brick.
    3. Waiting for Microsoft Surface phone. Hope the eternal W10 beta state is over once this device is out.
    4. Windows Store - not only its buggy as heck (downloading errors 0x0xxxx, requirements bugs), but also the amount of apps itself. Develop a universal multi-OS app solutions, ffs!
    5. Cortana is interesting but how about making it available and working outside US, huh?
    01-11-2016 02:56 AM
  2. Aakash Nain's Avatar
    Currently , I am having a Lumia 930 and I find a number of reasons not to buy Lumia 950/XL :
    1- The design is too cheap. You don't expect plastic body phone after paying such a heavy price. The metal on my lumia 930 brings it to the premium class in terms of its design .

    2- Lumia 950 in Inida is too much expensive. No one will ever consider buying a win phone for Rs 44,000 when you are getting a iphone for Rs,25000 and still the iphone looks more premium than 950

    3- Win10 is a mess. The os is too much buggy and when it comes to experience, nobody wants to have an OS that sucks every hour for some issues. Proper quality and software testing is required because as a software engineer,I am seeing the win insiders program as a failure.
    01-11-2016 03:42 AM
  3. Mikko Tenhunen's Avatar
    It only takes 6months for a phone to loose 100/$ value Z5 is already selling here 600 it was 800 when it was released
    01-11-2016 05:06 AM
  4. jeetu4444's Avatar
    Iam very happy with my lumia 950 purchase...moved from lumia 1020...
    Got a mozo case red leather with gold rim...phone looks awesome

    Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
    01-11-2016 06:12 AM
  5. jetfire21's Avatar
    (d) Expecting the Surface Phone to be out quite soon.
    Also it is not on Verizon.
    01-11-2016 07:36 AM
  6. cmucodemonkey's Avatar
    (d) Expecting the Surface Phone to be out quite soon.
    Also it is not on Verizon.
    I have been hearing about a surface phone in the US for years now. I seriously doubt if anybody will see one "quite soon".
    01-11-2016 07:47 AM
  7. FeedTheShark's Avatar
    Reading these posts it's obvious MS messed up by releasing the 950 before the OS was ready. This has killed the last bits of goodwill most people had to Windows Phone & has tarnished it right out of the gate. I feel they should apologise to early adopters, give them some sort of rebate.

    That negativity didn't inspire me to get a 950, but I acknowledge they've come a long way in the last month. The last couple of updates have fixed most issues, phones are no longer heating up, battery life is fine and things aren't too buggy from reports. Indeed, I have it running on my 1520 and am perfectly happy with it. That is more what's stopping me from getting a 950, it's just fine on my 1520 and unlike Apple fans who feel the need to upgrade every year there's just not enough in the 950 for me to switch. I'd like something a bit smaller and lighter and Continuum is nice, but I'd rather wait for an Intel phone so it will be even more useful with the ability to run desktop class apps.

    So what I need to upgrade is:-

    - substantially improved camera (where's that Pelican Imaging tech?)
    - Continuum 2 (with desktop app support).
    - more apps to come to the store - so I can be sure my investment is safe.
    - a more premium design.

    Otherwise the 950 is just a nice refinement, but lacking the excitement required to make me part with my 1520.
    01-11-2016 08:14 AM
  8. FeedTheShark's Avatar
    I have been hearing about a surface phone in the US for years now. I seriously doubt if anybody will see one "quite soon".
    Yeah that has to be 9 months away. At least we'll know by then if the app situation can be resolved.
    01-11-2016 08:15 AM
  9. Lord Method Man's Avatar
    That describes the Catch 22 syndrome we are In.. If you like the Phone then Support the rest of us Lumia Windows Phone users, and Buy one , then be vocal and Email any app developer companies that don't have one and tell them You want it!!
    Thanks, Dave
    That is what I did with Windows Phone. For years. I stayed loyal, I preached the gospel of WP. I contacted every company pleading for a WP app.

    But honestly in the last year the situation has gotten far worse. My patience finally expired. I'm not going to keep going through life holding onto a vanishing hope that someday my phone will have the same capabilities as everyone else around me has.
    theefman likes this.
    01-11-2016 08:25 AM
  10. Nick Er's Avatar
    1. Windows 10 is still not stable and smooth
    2. Windows 10 still looks unpolished and inconsistent UI
    3. Concern that it takes many months for windows 10 got polished and stable, and by that time new flagship phone might be released. Thus might as well wait for the next flagship.
    4. 950 hardware is great, but looks very dull to me personally.
    01-11-2016 08:34 AM
  11. toph36's Avatar
    Not soon, unless you think 6-9 months is soon.
    01-11-2016 08:41 AM
  12. toph36's Avatar
    I am on Verizon. If it was available to me, I would have bought one already. I can switch fee free next month. I would prefer to stay with Verizon and not move to AT&T. My wife needs a new phone, but wants to go back to an iPhone. She has been using a Lumia 928 for two years. Can't convince her to stick with Windows at this point. I can buy an unlock iPhone now for my wife and move to AT&T later, if there is not movement between Microsoft and Verizon. I can get by with my 928 for awhile longer. I haven't updated it yet to Windows 10 Mobile. I need to do that before I decide what to do. If a Surface Phone is indeed coming later this year, it might be worth the wait.

    Beyond the carrier issue, it would be nice if Microsoft offer an upgrade plan like Apple is now with the iPhone. I have to buy two phones soon, I would prefer to not pay it all upfront.
    01-11-2016 08:56 AM
  13. Vittorio Vaselli's Avatar
    I'm waiting this summer in order to save 40% of the price. Is too expensive, W10 is not ready. Also if you want to exclude to wait for surfacephone there are other reason for not buy it(yet).
    01-11-2016 09:14 AM
  14. jeetu4444's Avatar
    From ver 29 phone works perfect...people sayin version 63...is more snappy with better battery life and apps more stable...thou i haven't notice any issues with my Lumia 950 ds
    01-11-2016 09:42 AM
  15. KCandSunshine13's Avatar
    My First Windows Phone was the 928 [which was stolen in October; what a disappointment that crook experienced when they discovered it was not an iPhone or a Samsung - Ha!] now I have the 735. I think the 928 took better pictures.

    I like everything the 950 has to offer: plenty of internal memory, an SD card and a removable battery; however...

    #1.) I'm on Verizon (through my job).
    #2.) Price is too steep. MS should have offered at 1/2 the price of the iPhones and Samsungs in an attempt to increase market share.
    #3.) The app gap is starting to weigh on me. We have vendors pitching to us every week; new apps to help us perform our jobs better - BUT, only if you have an iPhone (sometimes, they also have Android versions).
    #4.) Camera speed. I am impressed how quickly my wife's iPhone 6S can snap picture after picture after picture. While my 735 is still saving the first picture, my wife has snapped off 4 or 5.
    #5.) Woulda, coulda, shoulda - things that worked so well in 8.1 are now forsaken in Win 10. While I don't have the 950, I feel the pain reading of users who mention issues such as:, maps cannot be saved to SD cards; apps cannot be saved to SD card, etc., etc.... Windows 10 needs to be able to walk on its own (it is still crawling).

    In my job, I use a Surface Pro 3 so it is logical to keep with the Microsoft/Windows platform; however, where is my incentive when there are apps for all 3 platforms, on the Windows Phones they are the bottom of the barrel when compared to iPhones and Androids? When service providers are not developing apps for Windows?
    01-11-2016 10:03 AM
  16. Raju Grewal's Avatar
    I'm waiting for release it in Brazil..
    01-11-2016 11:28 AM
  17. Hazuos's Avatar
    Definitely waiting for a good design so will have to wait for the hypothetic surface phone.
    01-11-2016 11:51 AM
  18. robotfood's Avatar
    Wish it came out on Verizon!
    Hotvak123 likes this.
    01-11-2016 12:47 PM
  19. JaySeeDoubleYou's Avatar
    Why haven't I bought a 950XL?

    Really simple: Verizon blacklists it and for tl;dr reasons, I'm not really in a position to leave big red over it.

    I really do want in on the Windows 10 Mobile action though. I mean, I guess I "technically" am already with my quaint little Lumia 520 on the insider program. But it doesn't have cell service, it doesn't have Continuum, and it doesn't even have additional storage via an SD card. So beyond getting superficial tastes of the latest OS builds and superficial exposure to a limited number of apps, it's useless to me, which is why I really don't count myself as "being in on Windows 10 Mobile" with it.

    I have had a chance to get my hands on a 950XL and play around with it a bit. I find it a thoroughly lovely phone, and while styling is ultimately "to each their own", all the overwhelming outcry about it being a bland or ugly phone just utterly fails to resonate with me at all. I don't find it bland, I find it poised. And, I really like Continuum! Even though I realize this current "Snapdragon-powered" iteration of Continuum is ultimately just a half-measure more akin to Windows RT than to a full fledged Windows experience - I still like it!

    By tax return time 2017 I want to buy or to already have bought a serious gaming PC for the "main rig" in the living room (well, built rather than bought....okay, okay, have had built for me probably). But I also want a more modest PC experience for the upstairs office to supplement it, and ideally, a way to take my computing around with me.

    Continuum has a TON of merit for that use case scenario! Have the dock upstairs using an actual keyboard/trackpad, then have continuum dongles put on most or all of the TVs in my house and just use the on-screen virtual keyboard/trackpad for those locations and then I can compute anywhere in the house! Also, my parents live on the North side, and I visit them roughly every other Saturday, so maybe set up a dongle or a dock over there too! Plus, if my vision of "Continuum kiosks" ever materialize in public places, there's yet another way to use the computer I carry with me in my pocket.

    That it's basically just "RT" at this point I think I can manage to overlook as a) it wouldn't be my main Windows PC, and b) the app scene does seem to be improving somewhat and RT will be exactly as robust or thin as the app scene is - which I'm optimistic about.

    Well that all sounds great, so why don't I just say "screw cellular coverage" and buy a 950XL just for its uses as a Continuum computer, and continue to use my other phone as a phone? Well, frankly because I simply can't justify spending flagship phone, or lower end gaming rig prices for "Windows RT" no matter how much I love the handset. I just can't do it. Sure, Verizon could whitelist it later and then I suddenly have a phone, but I'm not gonna take that kind of risk.

    -HOWEVER- there are two close alternative solutions where I -COULD-, and -WOULD- justify getting a Windows phone without Verizon service just to use it as a computer with Continuum:

    1) If the alleged Intel-powered "Surface Phone" that should hit the market this year or next is all that it's cracked up to be, namely, if it's Intel-powered version of Continuum is not just some glorified RT, but really turns into a [for all intents and purposes] a "real", "full" Windows 10 desktop experience, then I'll gladly pay flagship phone prices even without cell service to make that thing the "floating computer" I described above and use it just as I described above - only now as a full-fledged Windows 10 experience, rather than RT. I'd be in on that action as fast as funds allow!

    2) If they they bring Continuum, even Continuum RT to the budget phone segment, and I can have a Continuum equipped phone for $200 or less ($250 would be my top dollar in this case), then I'm down with that too! I could always replace it later with either a whitelisted 950XL, or a Surface phone, be that whitelisted or blacklisted.

    or, of course if the impossible happens:

    3) Verizon whitelists the 950XL.

    So there you go. Should ANY ONE [or more] of these three scenarios unfold, then the very first chance I get, I'm "getting in on Windows Phone." I mean, obviously, my starry-eyed, Pollyanna pipe-dream Magic wish is for a Verizon whitelisted Intel-powered Surface Phone with a full win32 Desktop Continuum experience. But really, any one of the above three scenarios will do in that one's absence. Really!

    ....til then, I'll keep on the near outside, keeping my fingers as close to the pulse as I can, continue using my 520 to "sniff the air" from time to time, and eagerly awaiting that open door to "jump through". And in the meanwhile, I'll double down on Android (I'm already doubled down on Apple) and then the road will be clear money-wise for to dedicate all my attention to Microsoft and Windows.

    01-11-2016 01:30 PM
  20. Ben Schmidt1's Avatar
    Wish it came out on Verizon!
    I left Verizon, even though I was grandfathered in with the Unlimited Data. Just to be able to use the 950 xl. Haven't looked back.

    I understand that can't be the case for everyone, because people have Verizon through work.
    01-11-2016 01:44 PM
  21. ACF1's Avatar
    I am waiting for the 950 unlocked to be in stock at U.S. MSstore.com since launch day. At this rate I will eventually lose interest in the device and just keep myself happy with my 3 year old L920 WP8.1. I don't have high hopes for a Surface Phone as I am pretty sure it is going to be a bigger than the L950 and I am tired of manufacturers going bigger and bigger with phones.
    01-11-2016 02:05 PM
  22. cmucodemonkey's Avatar
    I left Verizon, even though I was grandfathered in with the Unlimited Data. Just to be able to use the 950 xl. Haven't looked back.

    I understand that can't be the case for everyone, because people have Verizon through work.
    Or in some cases the AT&T network is not as strong in somebody's area. My problem is both my wife and I have lines through Verizon, so we would have to wait until both our lines could be cancelled and moved to AT&T.
    01-11-2016 02:11 PM
  23. treetownal's Avatar
    Premium price for a lazy hastily delivered piece of mediocrity, no features to make up for the lack of apps and a half baked incomplete OS. I hope MS isn't leaving the smart phone business but nothing about the 950 suggests they are trying.
    theefman likes this.
    01-11-2016 02:16 PM
  24. BCDavis's Avatar
    I anticipate the next flagship windows phone will have an x86 processor and be able to run desktop applications. MS unfortunately has a history of introducing devices that get left behind by advancements in the OS or Hardware. It's the same reason I didn't purchase a Nokia 900 or Windows RT device.
    01-11-2016 02:58 PM
  25. Witness's Avatar
    Are you kidding me really? I did a bulk purchase for my company 80+ units, 20+ were DOA/DEFECTIVE out of the box, 9 more crashed hard, 15 or so even after updates were unusable devices and returned by the employees, the rest were recalled and all were sent back FOR A COMPLETE REFUND. My experiment *and that is exactly what it is* is OVER.. WP10 is DOA to the BUSINESS COMMUNITY. BTW.. I have a 550, it worked out of the box, and only cost me 99 bucks.. sheesh.. what a **** SHOW Microsoft..
    Damn, that sucks. Not only for a bad showing for the platform, but I would imagine you didn't look too good if you were recommending it. I would say that in its current state, it's not ready. Maybe in another 6-12 months, but not now. It's why I won't recommend it to anyone yet. That first impression has to be solid.
    01-11-2016 04:47 PM
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