1. Raki Dragovic's Avatar
    On new Windows Lumia 950 do sent emails remain only on my phones "sent items" or they show up on my IMAP "sent" server folder also, which is what my outlook uses?
    Do the emails stay on the phone's folder only, or they stay also on IMAP account email sent folder?

    I have a company email account, that uses IMAP. I have set it up to send/receive. I also access the same account using OUTLOOK 2010. Here is the deal, I can receive all emails on both the pc and phone. I can send emails easily enough. I cannot see the emails that I send using the windows phone when I go to outlook. They do not show up on the email account's sent folder. SENT emails from the phone do get kept on the phone in "sent items" folder. But this folder does not exist on my IMAP account. I want to have my emails sent from my phone, sync, and show up in the SENT folder on the IMAP account. HOW do you change this on my WINDOWS Lumia 950 Device?????
    What is the use of sending mail, when you cant retrieve the same in your PC ???
    03-03-2016 08:04 AM
  2. gpobernardo's Avatar
    From my setup (using a different W10M device, a Lumia 1020, and also a Lumia 535), emails sent using the Outlook Mail app also appear in my main email account. If I send an email via GMail or Outlook, that sent email appears in the Sent folder whether I'm using a browser or an Outlook client in my PC. For Yahoo!Mail, those sent emails appear in a slightly different folder called "Sent items" instead of just "Sent".
    03-03-2016 08:15 AM

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