1. mightymask69's Avatar
    anybody else notice after the latest fast insider build?
    att 950
    03-04-2016 03:09 PM
  2. mightymask69's Avatar
    im on the latest fast ring build for att
    proximity sensor not working. screen does not turn off during calls, so my cheek hangs up calls, etc.
    anyone else having this problem?
    04-06-2016 05:12 PM
  3. rickms80's Avatar
    Seeing this myself. Have to reboot the phone to get it going again.

    Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
    04-07-2016 04:10 PM
  4. mightymask69's Avatar
    thanks for the reply.
    my phone resets either manually or by itself almost everyday and ive never seen the proximity sensor work since the last 2 fast ring builds were installed.
    just wanted to double check that its a bug and im not missing a setting somewhere.
    04-07-2016 06:37 PM

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