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    Good, for 2 days I have my new lumia 950, after having come from android and ios, have passed through my hands note 5, s6 edge plus, plus 6s iphone, g4 lg, lg flex 2, etc ...
    Technology and especially mobile telephony is my hobby, I do not give me a lot of money in mobile because squeeze the maximum.
    Just say yes, android and ios have more applications and games, not, as if windows were left out and out the ugly duckling, but in terms of fluency, camera and video recording the lumia are wonderful.
    If microsoft carry out the project CENTINNEL and I think that would give a heavy blow on the table, making sde x86 compatible applications with ARM and you can use them continuum
    I done what most missing is the 2016 fifa windows mbile, I'm a flawed on android and good, hopefully later arrives, though I doubt it.
    Anyway he was tired of android and its monopoly ... I appreciate what I have now, I value windows, and my new lumia continuum 950, that mobile venis you? a hug
    03-16-2016 06:03 AM

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