11-11-2016 12:05 AM
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  1. mattdodwell's Avatar
    I've only had this replacement 950 since Thursday morning but I've falling back in love with it and Windows 10 mobile.

    I've had iPhones and Android phones in the past and my initial interest in Windows Mobile OS was because of the 950. I did lots of research and I was hopeful but not expecting. I remember being surprised how much I liked it, but within 2 weeks I had dropped it cracked the screen, and within a month the screen went black so I moved my sim back to an iPhone.

    Very quickly the 16GB storage capacity of the iphone started to irritate me when taking video clips of my family. I started to look around for handset options and realising the 950 was now only 250 (with free dock) I grabbed one.

    I can not believe how good the handset and OS is. It is so much nicer the iOS and Android in look and I love the start menu tiles. The camera rocks and I love that I can put a mi ro SD card in to boost my storage. I now have an 128GB fast card in to save video direct to the card. It's small things to like the app list format, the keyboard look and the face Edge load up webpages and the format of them looks amazing.

    I've also just trialed Groove Music after using Spotify and so far it is really good and I like the Onedrive link to it. Even after 2 days use I'm confident Spotify is no more and I will take up a Groove subscription after my trial ends.

    I only have a couple of issues with the setup which is the speaker being on back it but it's only minor and some of the apps like Evernote look awful in format.

    It is disappointing that apps are missing and that Google won't write apps for Windows. I've only found two apps that i would like missing from the OS and some apps have been left like Evernote and it looks awful with is square ugly UI. Other apps look gorgeous and better than their iOS counterparts.

    I also own a Surface 3 which i use for one app only as its a bespoke piece of software that only runs on Win, but this Lumia 950 has inspired me to look at it much more at using it over replacing my aged and v.slow iPad 3rd Gen

    I am very fearful on where MS will take W10M and if more apps get support lost to the OS. But I really hope W10M maintains steady development and the few apps that still look ugly get updated.

    I cross my fingers for the future of W10M and Windows Phone what ever format that takes.
    10-22-2016 09:28 AM
  2. abhishek singh21's Avatar
    Microsoft has pledged to continue the development and growth of windows 10 for phones, so you dont need to worry about that. Yes a few apps are missing from windows platform but the core experience of being on windows is not available on any other platform. We believe the app gap will fill itself soon to make windows phone great again ;D.

    PS: Sorry Mr. TRUMP xD
    10-22-2016 09:55 AM
  3. mattdodwell's Avatar
    I thought I couldn't do without certain apps but searching for Win10 options I've found some really nice, and better ones that i had on iOS.
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    10-22-2016 10:53 AM
  4. mattdodwell's Avatar
    I am also tempted at 250 to buy a spare handset, just in case :-) that's how much I love this handset.
    10-22-2016 10:54 AM
  5. mattdodwell's Avatar
    I love the thinness of the handset, but I know some others don't. The soft plastic back isn't as good as I would expect but I dont really have an issue with it.

    I've got to get used the button placement, but that is only because I'm used to iPhone 5.
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    10-22-2016 10:59 AM
  6. mattdodwell's Avatar
    I will admit, before I had the 950 and tried Windows Phone I was very anti them, I was iPhone or nothing. Now iOS is good, it works, it doesn't a great job, but I am 100% a W10M convert. I am also going to give the Surface 3 a really good run out in replacement for the iPad instead of buying a new one. I am really curious now about the Surface.
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    10-22-2016 01:00 PM
  7. patcherd's Avatar
    I posted in other threads about my first experience with the 950 last November.
    This time around after about 8 or so months later I had to take advantage of the deal on the 950 with dock thrown in.
    I haven't used continuum yet, but it's nice to know it's there.

    I have been using a 650 for the last 6-7 months and it is a great budget phone. Still like it, but now that the OS is much more stable I can see the power the 950 has now. This is how windows should be on a phone.

    Other than the 950 battery getting red hot when I first charged it up it has mellowed with updates and a hard reset.
    I like 'Hey Cortana' with the 950 and talk texting is very convenient.

    DDTW/Sleep is such a convenient feature to use. This phone is worth it now and is finally worthy of a flagship.

    Now about the Alcatel idol coming to TMO......that's for another thread lol.
    10-22-2016 09:56 PM
  8. mattdodwell's Avatar
    It's interesting to see what might be happening with MS and their Phone plans. I do love the OS now and I am a stickler for a clean OS, i.e no 3rd party bloatware like Android as a lot of.

    If MS plans to stick as a software specialist and mobile is an easy addition to their W10 line up that is perfect, but my future proofing concern would be the 3rd party handsets. Everything I've seem so far don't look good. The HP3 looks pretty good but is too big for me, a consumer/semi business user. 5.2" screen is perfect, 5.5" is good to but 5.7" is just too oversized for me. I still own a Nexus 6P handset from when I was using Android and it is just too big for me.

    With what I have read about MS focusing now on the Business market I can see the phones being spec'd and sized for Continuum not consumer. :-(.

    If Lumia is dead, I hope a 3rd party manufacture will produce something that looks and feels pro like not like a toy. For example the Samsung line up looks like Tomy has made a Phone. The iPhone looks OK but I love the look and feeling of the 950. I will just have to wait and see and watch the Windows Central newsfeed over the next 12-24 months as I want to stick with W10M. IOS and Android are dead to me (unless MS cocks it all up).
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    10-23-2016 03:15 AM
  9. mattdodwell's Avatar
    I've also been using the Microsoft Universal Keyboard with the 950, I was just curious how it would work. I bought the keyboard as a cheaper alternative to the Surface 3 official keyboard as that sucked (IMO) when I tried it out. I liked the Universal Keyboard as could use it both of the Surface 3 and iPad.

    The keyboard works really nicely with the 950. I am on a long weekend away and I took just my 950 and keyboard ask i like to write. I've been using it with Evernote (which desperately needs a UI overhaul) and TBH for a light travel set up it is awesome. I am not sure I would want to write to much on the 950 internal keyboard. It is a lovely keyboard, responsive, looks great (so much nicer than iOS), but thumb tapping a 1000+ words on it doesn't like fun.

    When I get home I'm going to explore the Surface 3 as that gather dust I until I need to use the one app i bought it for.
    10-23-2016 03:32 AM
  10. ananve's Avatar
    It's great to hear your story. Welcome to Windows side.
    I own 640 (for more than a year) and Surface 3. Luving them both. 950 price is now tempting, very tempting.

    I agreed that some popular phones look like a non-serious toy. So, I prefer W10M.

    You can try searching some clips on YouTube that is shot in 4K using Lumia 950. They are splendid!
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    10-23-2016 05:59 AM
  11. Fire 29's Avatar
    I like this thread. Makes me want to upgrade to a 950.
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    10-23-2016 06:10 AM
  12. mattdodwell's Avatar
    Apps: I love Newsify on iOS and I wasn't just I would find anything to replace it, but Feedlab is awesome.
    10-23-2016 08:28 AM
  13. mattdodwell's Avatar
    I've just ordered 3 different cases from our popular jungle online shop to try on my 950. My previous 950 still remains the only phone I've dropped and had the screen crack. I've had cases on all my other phones but had not had time to look into them before I dropped it.

    I like a particular style of case that doesn't add bulk to the handset but is of rubber material to cushion against impact on corners and edges.

    The 950 is a lovely styled phone IMO and I do not want to ugly it up with a crappy case
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    10-23-2016 03:05 PM
  14. ananve's Avatar
    Please share some photos of your 950 with cases. Would love to see it.
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    10-23-2016 08:59 PM
  15. Lumious's Avatar
    Love threads like these.
    10-23-2016 09:51 PM
  16. Cartman's Avatar
    I'm happy to hear you liking the 950! I like the form factor of my 950 XL better than my iPhone 6 S Plus. Have been carrying both with me for the last week. Makes me appreciate the hardware side of 950 XL much more. Apps are a different story but hardware wise I feel the 950 is better. Lighter, smaller, but with a bigger screen.
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    10-23-2016 10:27 PM
  17. speccy's Avatar
    I too love my 950, but you're living in fantasy land if you're expecting the app situation to change. Even the Ebay app has been discontinued recently. As a lover of the tile interface and a disliker of the Android/IOS way of doing things, the app situation is just something I've had to accept. With Microsoft retrenching more and more every month, and the amount of handsets out there being less and less as time goes on, there's no reason to expect the situation to improve, and in fact it may very well get worse. Where is the incentive for anyone to make an app when the market share of Windows phones is around 1%.
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    10-24-2016 02:07 AM
  18. mattdodwell's Avatar
    Originally posted by speccy
    I too love my 950, but you're living in fantasy land if you're expecting the app situation to change. Even the Ebay app has been discontinued recently. As a lover of the tile interface and a disliker of the Android/IOS way of doing things, the app situation is just something I've had to accept. With Microsoft retrenching more and more every month, and the amount of handsets out there being less and less as time goes on, there's no reason to expect the situation to improve, and in fact it may very well get worse. Where is the incentive for anyone to make an app when the market share of Windows phones is around 1%.
    I have to be honest with myself I am not feeling confident with the App situation. The Apps I am using (except Evernote) are awesome and better IMO than iOS and Android. I only have two apps that I want, an app for my bank which is iOS only, and Myfitnesspal. Everything is covered.

    I don't really understand what MS were trying to say/do with the Universal App idea, but is it working, will it slowly feed through apps? I see Instagram has recently put a new app out for W10 that now allows Mobile and Surface apps. So it can be done if developers make the effort, but as you say, for 1%.

    I am definitely going to stick it out with MS and W10M and see what happens. If I am forced due to app loss back to iOS or Android I will be very sad.

    I will also watch the news feeds to see if anything comes out of MS in the next 12-24 months about the future plans for mobile and just hope its positive.
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    10-24-2016 03:03 AM
  19. mattdodwell's Avatar
    I don't want this thread to become a negative discussion and we know apps are a big issue with MS Phones.

    The way I look at this is I am more concerned how much the market will be taken by Google. Apple IMO have become stale, and I known that it's hard to keep up innovation or copy and improvement, but what they offer is dull to me as a handset and OS, they have the apps, but I don't need 500 apps that pretty much do the same job. It's such a shame they have the historical brand and fashion element.

    I do think MS could really pull something out of the bag if they wanted to and capture more than 1% of the market. As a former devout Apple fan I scoffed at MS. But, not I am on W10M with a MS Lumia handset and loving it. I have a Surface 3 which I have under utalised but when I get home will run it through the paces to see if it meets my needs. My iPad is very slow and needs replacing, maybe I already have the replacement.

    I have a MacBook Pro which has overtime been relegated to a power app machine, I.e Lightroom/Photoshop and I do almost all work on a iPad.

    Therefore I could see myself moving to a Surface/Pro in the future as I do love the tablet and keyboard set up, (light and portable) over my MacBook. For 99% of what i do a tablet/keyboard set up is perfect.

    So i see, if i can convert and love MS and Windows Phone then so can many others. MS please have a change of heart or leadership, or whatever is needed and come and kick some ***.
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    10-24-2016 03:20 AM
  20. agaskew's Avatar
    Oddly enough, I have a MacBook Pro, a Surface 3 and a 950. I'm glad you are loving the 950, and also a bit jealous.

    The MacBook Pro runs Windows 10 and is easily the best Windows computer I have used (going back to Windows 3.1). It is used for work stuff.
    The Surface 3 is - sorry - horrible to use because it is so slow. It has many great features and capabilities such as battery life, full windows compatibility, display port/usb/bluetooth/dock etc but in real world use is painful for anything other than very basic tasks.
    The 950 is OK for work-related activities, namely phone, email, calendar, contacts, messaging/skype and so on. All of those things seem well integrated. I like the display, the camera is fine, expandable storage and so on. I also have a Note 4 and here is where the cracks appear in the 950/W10M combination - for me:

    • The 950 cellular reception - its ability to pick up 4G - is worse, no matter what I try (and using the same SIM). Good mobile reception is a must for my job.
    • Battery life on the 950 is not all that great.
    • Performance in general on the 950 is average at best. I had an old 925 kicking about and recently re flashed it back to W8.1 before donating it to someone. That ran as slickly as the 950 with W10M, maybe more so
    • Decent W10M apps are just rare. They range from OK to awful. Its a catch 22, where the quality and availability of great apps increases with demand, but the demand isn't there based on what is around today.

    I wish things were different. The market needs more than the Android and iOS Doupoly. It would be great if Microsoft could reinvigorate the phone market like they have managed with the PC market, but they need OEMs to step up in force for that to happen. It has happened with the Surface Pro line, so I hope that if/when Microsoft get it right with an innovative and irresistible handset/OS combination, it all takes off. Fingers crossed!
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    10-24-2016 04:15 AM
  21. rollindice's Avatar
    950 is best no compromised windows handset there is hands down, loving mine!
    10-24-2016 08:08 AM
  22. patcherd's Avatar
    Had did the world get by before apps ? If I were 25 years younger I might see the situation differently, but apps or lack of apps is not a deal breaker for me.

    The windows OS continues to improve and the updates are coming regularly. Hang in there people!

    If the app situation is that much of a problem for some then go to one of the other two. There won't be a torch wielding mob hunting you down.

    Thank the LORD JESUS we are blessed with choice!
    10-24-2016 10:25 AM
  23. agaskew's Avatar
    If the app situation is that much of a problem for some then go to one of the other two. There won't be a torch wielding mob hunting you down.
    ...because this is not an Apple forum
    10-24-2016 10:36 AM
  24. G4Grandad's Avatar
    I've just left an EE store after going in to discuss a new contract and handset to replace my 2 year old L830 which I love and like even more since upgrading to W10M. The "adviser" was enthusiastic until told what phone I have and I want to stay with Windows. He told me Don't Do It, adding that he couldn't even sell me one if I insisted as they haven't had any in stock for months because every one they've ever sold had been returned as either faulty or unreliable!! This is the same store that 2 years ago tried for half an hour to talk me out of having the L830.
    It's great to read so many positive accounts here about the 950. I've nothing against android,I use a Note 4 every day, and to anyone who enjoys Apple, good for you. But I want a Windows Phone and always will.
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    10-24-2016 11:10 AM
  25. fpena911's Avatar
    I bought a 950 within a week of it's release last year. It's been quite a ride and I love the phone and the concept of Windows 10 mobile. But unfortunately even now it is still buggy and the lack of apps is absolutely a concern.

    Just this past weekend I went ahead and purchased one of the Amazon Prime Moto G4s. Yes in terms of specs it isn't the flagship my 950 is but I wanted to try Android out and see how I felt about it. Granted I've only had this phone 36 hours but Microsoft has made it way too easy to transition to another OS. I loaded all of the Office apps, OneDrive, Cortana, OneNote, and the Bing News apps. Once I did that I was able to access all of my saved contacts and pictures/videos within minutes of breaking the new phone out of the box. After that I even loaded some of my favorite Win 10 Mobile games on to the G4 and noticed they played more smoothly than they do on my 950 even though the specs are superior on the Windows phone.

    My 950 is still my main phone for now but from what I see now there is little unique on the 950 that would force me to stay on Windows 10 Mobile. I seem to get the same experience yet access to so many other apps and features that I've been shut out of with the Windows Phone ecosystem. It really is sad but my 950 might end up becoming my backup camera and music player some time in the near future.
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    10-24-2016 12:29 PM
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