1. slon72's Avatar
    Hi all,
    have some trouble with my lumia 950 and light sensor.
    Not everyday i unlock my phone or i have incomming call the screen is black. After i use the lock /unlock button the screen is readable but is set to low brightness all times - no response on light or changing in settings.- nothing happens. Helps only restart.
    Normaly have set 50%brightness + auto - my phone is updated to last public version W10M.
    Test with light on sensor: i put light on sensor - the brihtness s going auto on max, light off - after 10 seconds is back on set brightness.
    Is 10 seconds normal or have trouble with light sensor?
    Thanks David
    11-17-2016 03:59 AM
  2. Gworkshop's Avatar

    I have try this light on/light off test. The result is same as yours so when I put light above the sensor the brightnes gone to max within 1-2 sec but when I turned off the light it takes 10-12 sec while the brigthness set to the previous state. So I think the 10 second is normal.

    Otherwise my phone occasionally brighter than it should, in this case I set the brightness (in the quick tools) from Automatic to Manually (Low -> Medium->High) and then Automatic. Try this method It might be help for you.
    11-17-2016 12:14 PM

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