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    Hi, weird issue I'm having suddenly. Earlier today I was able to send and receive texts with no issues. I had been sending texts throughout the day but wasn't receiving any responses. Although it was possible all friends decided that they suddenly didn't like me, I tested it later in the afternoon by having some people I was hanging out with text me and I didn't get any. So from about 12:30 on, I haven't been getting any incoming texts, but people are getting texts from me. I'm on t-mobile with a L950. I've done all sorts of things to resolve including multiple restarts, soft reset, turning off and on SIM and data, turning off Bluetooth and wifi, changing settings for download of texts, taking out the SIM card and starting without it, and uninstalling skype preview. Nothing has worked so far. One thing I find weird is if I go to message settings and go to advanced, under SIM1 it shows No SIM. Any ideas? Thanks!
    01-15-2017 09:41 PM

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