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    Hi all, I am wondering if there's anyone out there who has had a lot of trouble setting Cortana up on their 950?

    I've had the device for almost a fortnight now, and everything is working as it should, other than Cortana. I have it set up to the correct region, and when I go to settings and try and change it to " try to respond only to me " this is where the problems begin. I try to say the first phrase, and after 3 attempts, all I get is " I'm sorry, I'm not getting it "

    I have tried soft resetting the device, nothing changed, so I did a hard reset, nothing changed. The device doesn't even respond to " Hey Cortana " when is sleep mode, just doesn't work at all really.

    I would massively appreciate any tips or advice on how to fix this, Cortana is such a big feature on Windows devices and not being able to use it is pretty disappointing.
    05-13-2017 07:00 AM

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