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  1. rromerof's Avatar
    My lumia 950 is getting worst day by day. I just bought this phone 5 month ago, and already behave like it's dying. Photo app won't view HDR image, with text written it can't show this image at this moment, the camera button won't take the picture when I pressed it. This does not happen frequently but randomly. But can you guys imagine this kind of problem happen when I'm in the middle of ceremony? I had to restart the phone in front of people that asked me to take a picture of em, not once, twice. The second one I had to remove the battery and put it back again, in front of people in the ceremony. This phone is ****ed up. I don't even play games at this phone. Only bought this phone just for the camera, but the performance is forcing me to throw away this phone at a wall. And of course I can't get a refund, my country is not supported for most of Microsoft's services.
    Stories like this one, makes me feel happy not having bought any high-end lumias after my beloved Lumia 1020. It is curious that with W10M also applies what my friends and I call "the Windows Protocol" for solving issues that is "restarting the whole Operating System". Even when Windows is the most used desktop OS in the world, I feel that it was developed just for accomplish new versions rather than focusing in quality.
    07-27-2017 11:14 AM
  2. rromerof's Avatar
    (...), even as horrible as W10M and the 950 is, it's still better than lowering ourselves to switch to an iPhone or Android product.
    I will always prefer, hands down, eyes closed, without thinking twice, iOS experience (FTW) or even Android than being always frustrated, annoyed and disappointed for what I call the worst Mobile OS ever, yes, W10M (any build). Mobile OS from Windows, never again.
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    07-27-2017 11:24 AM
  3. devinlars's Avatar
    NEW BATTERY! Seriously, I had similar issues with my 950xl and my wife's 950 and I read in another blog post that it is a battery issue. We just replaced the batteries last week and ALL of our problems went away. I MEAN ALL! No more Bluetooth issues, black screen issues, freeze and reboot issues... nothing, I haven't even had to restart my phone sine then, it's been 9 days! I found the batteries on Amazon for cheap, about $17 (USD) I hope this information helps. I seriously can't recommend this strategy enough! Replaceable Batteries FTW!
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    07-27-2017 11:33 AM
  4. ddn123's Avatar
    I think there are power management issues. Sometimes the battery is low and never recharges. If I put on a charging pad, charges perfectly. If I use the Jack, no so much. Replaced battery once. I do believe the OS is being compromised by a lack of effort to improve. maybe that is by design in that MSFT is deploying software manpower to iOS/Android code to push Cortana into the iOS/Android ecosystem and integrating Outlook and other apps to be iOS/W10/Android neutral.

    Will W10M ever get the resources to match the promises of one OS to flow across any device? Or is MSFT writing apps to bridge between W10 and iOS and Android?

    I prefer the W10M interface, but currently looking at new devices. Maybe Nokia new android will do the trick. Not sold on iPhone price. If I do buy and iPhone it will be the 6s.
    07-27-2017 11:33 AM
  5. ManofGod1000's Avatar
    My only real issue with the 950 I have is very poor bluetooth support. That is because of the OS itself and not the hardware I am trying to connect to it. :( To the person above though, the Outlook in Windows Mobile is far better than what is on Android or iOS.) The fact is, there is no way to show separate accounts on the home screen like you can do with Windows Mobile.
    07-27-2017 11:39 AM
  6. devinlars's Avatar
    I think you may have had a bad sim or sim slot, I used a 4g LTE sim in it from Rogers in Canada (when I was on vacation last year) and the 2nd sim worked just fine with the LTE
    07-27-2017 11:43 AM
  7. infinidim's Avatar
    My lumia 950 is getting worst day by day. I just bought this phone 5 month ago, and already behave like it's dying. Photo app won't view HDR image, with text written it can't show this image at this moment, the camera button won't take the picture when I pressed it. This does not happen frequently but randomly. But can you guys imagine this kind of problem happen when I'm in the middle of ceremony? I had to restart the phone in front of people that asked me to take a picture of em, not once, twice. The second one I had to remove the battery and put it back again, in front of people in the ceremony. This phone is ****ed up. I don't even play games at this phone. Only bought this phone just for the camera, but the performance is forcing me to throw away this phone at a wall. And of course I can't get a refund, my country is not supported for most of Microsoft's services.
    I've had my Lumia 950 since they first came out and have been very happy with it but now it is getting a bit temperamental. The Phone app seems to not show all the incoming and out going calls - it only shows the last week now but I know there are about 3 months worth of calls that are on my phone. The camera since the last update seems to not focus as well - but only sometimes. There is sometimes delays between apps - this has got worse since the last cumulative update. The battery drain since the last cumulative update has got worse as well.

    I have been with Microsoft phones since Windows CE 1 was running on a phone - does anybody remember Windows CE - is was simple and it worked "as it said on the tin". I like the concept of Windows 10 Mobile as well but have to say that now that Microsoft - and it's their own fault that they got into this situation - have side-lined Windows 10 Mobile because of its profitability I will not be getting another Windows 10 Phone; either new or second hand.

    The day that Microsoft outsourced the support for Windows 10 Mobile was the day that they lost my support. I have raised a number of issues with B2X which they have not been able to answer, not been able to escalate and not even been able to solve. In the end the "user forums" can support Windows 10 Mobile better than B2X - they are actually a waste of space.

    I have worked in the telecoms and technology business for many years and have written some of the data networking and mobile data networking standards in the past. The mobile data networking standard that I helped write is implemented on every mobile device in the world currently so I actually understand how things should be implemented and Windows 10 Mobile is currently lacking in many areas.

    So where will I go next, I won't go to Apple as they are over priced but xxx% when you look at what is implemented at a hardware level. I think I will go to Android next as most of the devices are competitively priced and if you have "pure Android" they work well.

    That's the end of my "rant".

    If Microsoft had kept their promise of supporting devices like the Lumia 950 and not outsourcing it and had committed to developing Windows 10 Mobile with some decent features then I would not be getting rid of my Lumia 950 and going elsewhere.

    07-27-2017 11:51 AM
  8. Gonzalo Ruiz's Avatar
    My lumia 950 is getting worst day by day. I just bought this phone 5 month ago, and already behave like it's dying. Photo app won't view HDR image, with text written it can't show this image at this moment, the camera button won't take the picture when I pressed it. This does not happen frequently but randomly. But can you guys imagine this kind of problem happen when I'm in the middle of ceremony? I had to restart the phone in front of people that asked me to take a picture of em, not once, twice. The second one I had to remove the battery and put it back again, in front of people in the ceremony. This phone is ****ed up. I don't even play games at this phone. Only bought this phone just for the camera, but the performance is forcing me to throw away this phone at a wall. And of course I can't get a refund, my country is not supported for most of Microsoft's services.
    Hi i from argentina, first sorry for my bad English, i have the same problem, my phone i buy in march 2016 (i use iPhone from 2009 to march 2016) and this year the phone have freeze, restart frequently, when i take a photo, use WhatsApp, when the battery down to 20%, when i use Edge, and some apps to.
    Last week i think i know where is the problem, its micro SD? I have micro SD xd 200gb SanDisk ultra, and this week in two days i quit de micro SD and the phone freeze 1 time, today i use the micro SD again and freeze and restart 3 times in 4 hours, the micro SD it's fine but when I use the phone the temperature up easily, so i dont know if the problem is the phone o the micro SD. I try other micro SD class 10 32gb and have the ame issue. I think meaby try new micro SD lite Samsung pro + but first i need to know where is the error.

    So i dint know what can i do, buy Samsung Pro + or change the phone to Ho Elite X3 ;(
    07-27-2017 11:52 AM
  9. SvenJ's Avatar
    I'm actually reasonably happy with my 950 and 950XL. Currently using the 950XL daily on a production build. The 950 is n fast ring (no SIM). The both have Mozo backs which makes them seem more premium than the plain stock backs. I think they should be faster and have better battery life for what the specs would suggest, but they are fine. I don't have any of the severe software issues reported above, but am fairly reserved about the third party stuff I use, so that may contribute. I have to say the camera on the 950XL is excellent, though it is no 1020. Just recently I had the opportunity to compare the same shot taken with the 950XL, iPhone 6s and Pixel. On screen they were comparable, but once you zoomed in the XL was significantly sharper. This was a daylight outdoor shot, but they all had the same scene.
    As it is, I do own both those other phones, and I have the option of sticking my daily SIM in either one. It stays in the 950XL because I just like the way Win 10 Mobile works, better than the other two OSs. When you get right down to it, mobile OSs are largely app launchers. The differences are in what you can do without launching an app, and I think WM provides more useful information with the tiled interface. Might be just me. The app gap, and there certainly is one, isn't an issue for me personally, but I get it. The lower quality on some of the apps we do have does bother me, but I blame the devs, not the OS. I get that too, but if you are going to half-a$$ the Windows app compared to the iOS and Android, just don't bother. Do it right or don't do it. (Goes for MS too).
    As far as fixing peoples issues, nothing does more than just starting over with the recovery tool, and don't restore from a backup. Re-install what you 'need' judiciously. For battery issues, that may be just old batteries, at least we can get a new one and put it in ourselves. No such option on my iPhone or Pixel. BTW, I use a Band 2 with my 950XL, so I'm sort of a unicorn I guess. It works for me. Would I recommend Windows Phone/Win 10 Mobile to someone looking for a new device? Probably not. But then, I don't think MS would either.
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    07-27-2017 11:53 AM
  10. Scott McBurney's Avatar
    I've got the Lumia 950 (previously 920), and have had it for 15 months. I keep mine in a rugged case (I've destroyed a few of the cases over the years, but the phones have come through without a scratch). And I run the latest windows insider builds. I can say, for the most part, I have had no problems at all with the phone. The only real problems I have encountered were always defects associated with insider builds.

    I, however, am not your typical casual end user. I'm a software developer at a company with over 700 employees (at least 250 developers). So I'm always using email and calendar, slack, skype, skype for business, office apps, remote desktop, media players, photos and the camera, edge, facebook, twitter, Instagram, and occasionally weather apps. I don't play games on my phone, I would much rather use an xbox or laptop. I do use Cortana often, and I use continuum occasionally. I use the camera often, especially when travelling (it was great to have when I spent 3 weeks in Europe last year). Not to mention, I have used the second sim slot twice while travelling (Europe and Canada).

    I can honestly say that I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the Luma 950. It does everything that I need and want it to do, and I'm happy with it.
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    07-27-2017 11:57 AM
  11. Gonzalo Ruiz's Avatar
    I think the gps its great


    Better than iPhone and other phone gps
    07-27-2017 12:28 PM
  12. Yangstax's Avatar
    My wife is using a L950 while I use a L950XL. We are relatively happy with their performance during the last 18 months. W10M is quite stable now. I bought a HP Desk Dock to support the Continuum usage on the big screen for the sake of its Ethernet port. Running Continuum on the wired network (220Mbps download) is quite a pleasant experience. I plan to get a x3 in case my L950XL fails. As long as HP keeps making W10M phones, I would stay with W10M. The rumored 'ultramobile PC' device could be a long wait if ever.
    07-27-2017 12:29 PM
  13. Ceicob's Avatar
    My 950 XL have so many problems since about 2 months ago, probably because of some update.

    First of all it freezes. I'm using phone normally and then black screen happens and I can't do anything beside restarting phone. Once I left it to see what happens if I don't restart it and it got so hot. It was painful to hold it really. That's a one thing.

    Second is that my NFC just stops working. When it happens I can do two things. One I go to setting and turn it off and on again but then it works for like 30 minutes. Two I can restart phone and NFC works for like 10 hours.

    Third mayor complaint is that battery normally lasts full day, well till 20/21:00. But in some cases after one of the necessary restarts, it becomes twice as good. When I have this kind of restart it leaves me at ~40% at 20:00. And of course the usage of phone isn't different that day than any other.

    I really am hoping some magical update will fix it all but I know its probably foolish to have this hope at this point. I think Android phone is just around the corner for me and I'm not happy about it 😢
    07-27-2017 12:36 PM
  14. DiAlDi's Avatar
    I've owned my 950 since 12/16. Positive experience in general.

    The Good
    • Powerful Mobile OS. It can be customized in lots of ways. I can't live without a dedicated "back" button and live-tiles anymore!
      Superior keyboard. Great layout and support for multiple languages.
    • Battery life has been good so far.
    • Camera takes great pictures/videos.
    • Cortana "understands" my accent in English most of the time, after enabling such an option in the OS.
    • The OS has been very stable for me during my daily usage. It has rarely crashed. I don't use pre-release builds on it though.
    • Bluetooth has been working fine for me.
    • The productivity and banking apps I happen to need are available for W10Mobile. E.g. Slack, MS Teams, Bank Of America, among others.

    Mixed feelings
    • Iris-scanner. It works more often than not, but not as reliable as a fingerprint scanner.
    • It has all the apps I usually need (I'm certainly not a Millennial ), but several of those apps are more polished/have more features in other platforms (e.g. Plex). Seeing that trend even with Microsoft's apps is certainly demotivating.
    • I wish the rules to enable different languages for Cortana weren't so strict! e.g. I wish I could enable Cortana in Spanish while still leaving my country and regional settings as "USA" where I live. Switching them to "Mexico" just to have Cortana in Spanish is not a valid option for me. I'm not even Mexican!

    The Bad
    • Long wait to load some pages in Edge.
    • Video-streaming via Wifi (any app, including Skype) is laggy / unstable. Not sure if I got a defective Wifi antenna. It seems to get even worse if I use my Mozo wood back-cover.
    • Every once in awhile, the touchscreen doesn't work right after I log-in. I need to push the power button to turn the screen off, then back on, and the touchscreen works again.
    • The long wait for Chase to roll out support for Wallet 2.0/Tap-to-pay.
    • I typically keep GPS/location off, but when I turn it on, GPS sometimes doesn't work: Apps can't find my location. It works again after reboot. However, it wasn't fun that it happened while I was driving my pregnant wife to deliver our little one to the hospital .
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    07-27-2017 12:43 PM
  15. Andreja Dodov's Avatar
    I see mostly bad reviews.
    Lumia 950, fast ring. 1.5 year of usage and:

    I'm havy user, aprox. 20-40calls / day, 2-10 photos, mail, viber 5-10 calls and photo sharing, few skype calls... without any flaw.
    Battery: from 07 to 16h without charger battery lives aprox. 20% But with my wireless charger on my desk, i'm living my office with aprox 60% battery.
    speed: comparing to my wife Mi5, the phones are almost identical in usage speed. Lumia is a little bit slower but considering the much older cpu i can say L950 is great!
    I cant understand only that i cant share anything to skype...
    Maybe all those who have problems should hard reset the phone, limit background task for unused apps.
    And nobody mentions that if your phone drops frequently, his mainboard slowly degrade and then phone hangs and etc..
    07-27-2017 01:00 PM
  16. bluenotesmiley's Avatar
    I've had enough of my 950. I'm having some of the same issues as you guys on here. BT audio quality dropping to extremely poor if using the phone, even if just the screen is on sometimes. Taking ages for the first photo to take. Not liking more than a few photos to be taken before it says 'saving' (though I'm wondering if that is the SD card). Battery life is abysmal after only 18 months, it has been since owning it for about 8-10 months. Apps slowly leaving as well as MS ditching it. On a positive, it takes good photos and the live tiles are amazing and work properly on mine, although they haven't always.
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    07-27-2017 01:07 PM
  17. Sh4veD4ve's Avatar
    I noticed the writing on the wall, and the fact that WoA was on much higher end processors, and got rid of my 950 in April for an iPhone 7. The 950 was far superior for email (all of my work and personal accounts worked (well) on the same app, with different live tiles for 1) work, 2) combined primary gmail & outlook.com, and 3) junk gmail - but other than that the app ecosystem is what did it in. EnPass was the only real password manager I could use - but it didn't work as well as 1Password on my PCs - my primary usage - so I stopped using it, leaving me with no access to most online accounts when on my mobile. I never thought I'd say it, but the iPhone is a far superior experience. It took some doing to get my mail setup the same way (Outlook app for work, built-in mail client for primary gmail/outlook.com, and gmail app for junk gmail), but it didn't require gmailifying my outlook.com account like Android (gmailifying is a really crappy experience that isn't IMAP - it leaves EVERYTHING on the actual mail server, & just downloads copies to gmail - so to truly delete an email, it takes multiple efforts). Anyway, long story short, I'm a lot more productive while on the go with the iPhone, and the things that WP did way better are more than replaced by an actual app ecosystem that works well. Even if MS comes out with a Surface Phone, I probably won't go back unless there is good UWP app support for everything I need.
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    07-27-2017 01:47 PM
  18. Witness's Avatar
    Have the phone and used it for over a year - love the camera. Then about two months ago, I went back to my iPhone 6.

    I put up with the camera crashing the phone - extremely frustrating and embarrassing during social moments. The straw that broke it was that the last update caused text notifications alerts to stop working. Phone rings and other notifications seem to be fine, but text notifications didn't and that's the most important one of them all.

    Went back to the iPhone 6 which runs slow over the last couple of updates (expected) so that I would eventually hard reset the 950XL. Not sure I'll be doing it anytime soon. Very frustrating to be a fan.
    07-27-2017 02:16 PM
  19. mymarcio's Avatar
    - Outlook Mail & Calendar
    - Tiles and Customization
    - Background
    - Notification Center
    - Camera Quality
    - Fluidity and speed (for the apps that are optimized)
    - Cortana and reminders
    - Camera dedicated button

    - Photos App

    - Camera Roll (applying enhancements to photo, photos usually look better before)

    - Accessing Photos & Screenshots (always takes several seconds or hours before these show up on camera roll/photos)

    - Messaging (sending texts sometimes freezes, app crashes or has a delay before I can type a new message)

    - Restarts when using the camera and loosing the last 3 pictures (assuming what causes this is the applying fixes)

    - Lack of apps sometimes (not directly MS fault, but their marketing and support do us no favors)

    - Accessing Photos fro Instagram/facebook for example takes for ever to load the photos

    - Spotify sometimes loads and plays music, sometimes loads but doesn't play music, sometimes the app crashes on the start up screen and requires a restart

    - People app sometimes crashes when opening (requires restart)

    - Phone app sometimes crashes when opening (requires restart)

    - Rarely the SD card states being corrupted and needs to do a scan and fix (losing pictures)

    Whether i'm on the fast ring or release ring a lot of the gripes are the same, so not really sure what other people experience. I have the 950XL. I've been contemplating on changing phones but other than iOS having more apps and android -- there isn't a really great feature on other phones that makes me want to spend the money to switch.

    Regarding the rumored Surface phone -- i'm not even holding my breath. Samsung's foldable phone looks interesting and given the price point I might even consider it since I love bigger screens when consuming.
    07-27-2017 02:29 PM
  20. user-774's Avatar
    Coming from Lumia 900, 925 and 930, I finally own an after market 950 dual SIM. So far, I'm really happy! Picture quality is astounding, the OS is quick and responsive. I'm on slow insider ring, and I'll keep it there, even if it's only bugfixes on all rings from now on.

    Because of W10M's design, the keyboard, the easy file transfers, the easy start from backup, password sync and other things, I could never switch the platform. One-click iPhone?? D'uh. Messy Ad-droid? Please no!

    That's why I'm hanging in there until an over priced, super niche, overly powerful, silly foldable fluke in the device market pops up...
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    07-27-2017 03:12 PM
  21. A B10's Avatar
    It's a love/hate relationship. I love the UI of Windows 10 Mobile far better than iOS or Android. It's just so much more customizable than either iOS or Android and looks far better as well. I was such a fan that I purchased the 950 the day it came out and even signed up for a GSM carrier to be able to use it, while i kept the family on Verizon. So i was paying $45 extra a month just to have this phone. I finally gave up on it and purchased the Samsung S8 when that came out this year. Why? Because while I loved everything about the hardware of the 950 (added a Mozo back) and the UI, Windows 10 Mobile is just so bug laden and MS just doesn't seem to be able to fix it. I would read the synopsis of what changed from insider build to insider build and MS would fix these arcane bugs that never affected me instead of the awful camera lag (missed tons of shots simply because the camera button press to first shot could take 10-30 seconds depending on the day. As a whole, it just wasn't very responsive. Iris was hit or miss. Battery life was also pretty bad. It would drop low signal calls all the time. I think Windows 10 Mobile is just doing too many things in the background to be responsive.

    Then there is the app gap. I didn't realize how much I missed apps like my home security system, wemo, Philips hue, banking and the list goes on and on. MS had a great idea with Astoria to allow running Android apps, but that didn't last long. They gave that up in favor of the supposed bridge to iOS apps and that hasn't moved the needle one bit in terms of adding mainstream apps. If Nadella actually had a brain, the 950 would have been on Verizon and MS would have paid their own programmers to bring the top 100 or so apps to the Win 10 platform. Without apps, Win 10 Mobile will always be a fringe player.

    If MS could ever fix the responsiveness of the OS, I would give my Samsung S8 up in a heartbeat for a fluid responsive Win 10 Mobile, but that looks like it will never happen.

    So here is my next best solution. Microsoft should build a launcher for Android that can mimic the UI of Win 10 Mobile. I tried to get my Nova Launcher to do it, but it can't scroll a screen and it doesn't have the ability to size the icons like Win 10 Mobile.
    07-27-2017 03:41 PM
  22. hans-martijn's Avatar
    Using my second 950xl as a daily driver, on production os, since I got tired of resetting my phone to make it work again. I still like windows 10 better than iOS or android, but I don't think I'll be using it for much longer. App support gets worse every day; even the windows central app is better on non-microsoft platforms. Several appliances in my home have apps, but not on windows. Since MS is not supporting their platform themselves, I can hardly blame any developers that they don't support the platform. I'm not sure whether I'd go for a surface phone, because that could be another whim from Microsoft. For some marketing I do I need social media apps. They're either not available or half baked on windows, just like mobile edge. I will try to work with this phone for a while, because I love win10, but MS makes it nearly impossible.
    07-27-2017 04:10 PM
  23. CraigCole's Avatar
    I feel like Lumia 950/950xl are actually phones that were designed for excellency but were developed poorly, released too early(undercooked both fw,sw and hardware wise) and then abandoned quickly by their creators.
    THIS. They should have never been released (at least the way they were) and in my opinion did more to harm Microsoft's mobile efforts than help. They did a great job alienating the most loyal Windows Phone fans.
    07-27-2017 04:29 PM
  24. microsoft111's Avatar
    I love Hello but, the Iris scanner doesn't work for me since I wear glasses except in a dark room. I would love for it use facial recognition like by using the camera Galaxy has this feature) in addition to speed up and make it work.

    Otherwise I look the removable plastic back I've replaced several times since own the phone.
    07-27-2017 04:54 PM
  25. Hooman Purkhosrow's Avatar
    Dear friends,
    I've got my Lumia 950 xl a year a go and It might be helpful to share my experiences. Although there are differences in 950 and 950xl hardware, I think we are mostly suffering from software deficiencies.

    The device was slow and it had to think a few second before opening a new application. It sometimes took a long time to wake up and restarted suddenly. The camera crashed after taking some photos and It was totally disappointing.
    After a few months I did a hard reset and installed the latest version of windows phone 10 by my laptop. So many problems have been solved and it worked much faster and smoother although I had some problems like battery drainage and crash in some applications again.
    Finally I joined to insiders six months a go and amazingly my lumia works very well. I really haven't faced any heat, crash, lag or battery drainage since I installed insider app. However being insider means a lot of Os and App updates that might be annoying for some users which can be solved by set the Lumia to update at quiet hours.
    Consequently, Installing new updates may help you to experience a better performance.
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    07-27-2017 04:56 PM
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