11-20-2017 06:25 AM
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  1. Texas8412's Avatar
    Microsoft eventually corrected any initial issues I had such as Bluetooth connectivity. My 950 started having hardware issues a while back and someone on this site said get a new battery. Problems solved. Still very happy with the 950 except for the lack of Disney park apps. I have everything else I need.
    07-28-2017 10:39 AM
  2. Gaiden96's Avatar
    Came from a galaxy S5 two years ago and love my 950. I actually think the battery is awesome as well as just about everything else. Windows 10 mobile is probably one of my favorite features. I really like the ability to customize my home screen unlike how Android and Iphones are just pages upon pages of circle icons. I also like being able to pin websites to the home page for reading later. It also seems like features that were implemented are just now being added to popular phones such as the charging features and the living images or whatever they are called. I love the phone. My gripe and why I am going to get an Android within the next year is the apps. I have bought several electronics over the last few months that cant be used fully without an app. I dont use many apps but man its hard to get excited about a lot of the stuff comming out because most things use apps. Heck I cant even use my banks mobile check deposit feature.
    07-28-2017 10:56 AM
  3. pepsicocom's Avatar
    I would have switched carriers on my personal SIM before I went to carrying two phones. Sorry about what happened to you.

    I have a dual SIM 950XL. I only use data on one SIM at a time. It's inconvenient when I switch out a SIM for travel because sometimes I forget to change which SIM (1 or 2) I am using for data but all in all not a big problem.
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    07-28-2017 11:08 AM
  4. vsnake's Avatar
    I just love it!
    I bought my 950 SM one year after it was launched and i use the fast ring canal.
    First of all, I love the OS, the glance screen, Windows Hello, Live tiles...
    Secondly, the camera is great, you really can make great pictures with it and the screen is pretty good too.
    I also use Continuum quite a lot. I plug it to my tv and i watch series on Edge. Works great!
    I love how many people just don't know that these phones exists and what they can do...
    Uptil now, the battery life is great, I use my phone a lot and I only charge it at the end of the day. I tend to close apps and put off the things that i dont use...
    For me, there is only one app that is missing and that is Snapchat because I have a lot of friends using it... I hope they all shift towards the instagram app :))

    I noticed maybe 2 times that my 950 rebooted randomly, that's nothing.

    Apps that I use the most:

    Baconit - can read reddit threads and it changes my Lockcreen and Background picture everyday. - Love it
    Banking apps

    Im very happy with this phone, I don't want to change
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    07-28-2017 11:09 AM
  5. Rokczar's Avatar
    Sounds like a lot of people really don't like their L950 but other than missing a few apps not made for WP and the phone getting warm after heavy usage, I'm pretty happy with mine. I've had my phone since March 2016 and it syncs well, is responsive, no lag, etc. I'm on the most recent creators update. I do agree that the 920 was better build quality but the phone was much heavier. The photos may not be as superior as I remember my 920 being but that was years ago and all phones seem to take better photos across the board now. Looking at these other reviews, I'm kinda shocked. Maybe I need to switch to another OS to see what I'm missing but when I get a new phone, I use it until it frustrates the hell out of me and that definitely hasn't happened. Thus far it does everything I need it to do and when it can't, I use a computer. I don't play any game more resource heavy than something on the level of Candy Crush so maybe that's the difference? I like that it syncs with my computers and Windows 10 in general and that is mush more important to me than the other reasons users are citing. Now, I will say, it's disappointing that MS hasn't to committed WP but they seem to bring out things, get people excited about the potential for them and then abandon them. That has nothing to do with my single unit's performance but an overall criticism of how MS runs it's business.
    07-28-2017 11:20 AM
  6. anon(9603734)'s Avatar
    I really like my 950. I do find though that often, after about a week, it gets a bit less responsive and begins to stutter a bit. But a simple power off and on again of the device clears that up.

    I've not had to hard reset, even on a Fast Ring build, for quite some time - in fact I can't remember the last time I did so! (I hope this doesn't jinx it!)

    Since a Fast Ring build around March/April 2017 I've not been plagued with random reboots; the device has stayed on 24/7 unless I've intentionally powered it off.

    The simple everyday things just work. My alarm always goes off without fail, Quiet Hours always comes on at its scheduled time (and doesn't allow anyone other than those on the break-through list to get through), Cortana reminders (whether they're people, location or time based) have never failed me, the live tiles update (I have most on the smallest size, so I really only get the badge numbers, but that's all I need - if the Windows Central app doesn't have a number on the tile for example, I know there's no new article and so no need to go into the app), new photos automatically upload to OneDrive and the display auto-brightness adjusts as necessary are just some examples.

    Sure, it's not perfect and some things could be better, such as:

    1. Battery life (I think this is more to do with the SD808 though);
    2. Photos take a while to save sometimes, even with HDR off;
    3. Edge favourites/reading list sync speed between the 950 and Surface Pro 4 <insert any other PC here too I guess> needs to be improved; and
    4. Custom text message tones. This one has been an issue since before W10M was publicly released. In People app I have set custom text message tones for a small number of contacts. In Settings > System > Notifications & actions > Messaging, I changed the notification sound from 'default' to a different tone for text messages from other people. When one of my contacts I had assigned a text message tone to sent me an SMS the notification tone the phone used was the tone I had set under Settings, rather than the text tone assigned to the contact. Changing the tone under the Settings back to 'default', text messages come through using the notification tone I have assigned to the contact in the People app. (I am using the inbox Messaging app for SMS.)

    In a nutshell, my 950 (and W10M) does what I need a phone to do and does it well for the most part. For me, any bugs I've encountered are minor. I'm fully satisfied.

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    07-28-2017 11:22 AM
  7. anon(9603734)'s Avatar
    My biggest issue is NO wi-fi calling even though specs indicate the capability. I've tried three different carriers on my unbranded 950xl (bought at a Microsoft store) ... no joy.
    I believe that the carrier also needs to support/offer WiFi calling. I'm on EE in the UK, and WiFi calling is included within my tariff.

    Because my mobile reception at home is not the greatest, I have the setting set to "WiFi Preferred" and every phone call I have at home is through WiFi calling.

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    07-28-2017 11:37 AM
  8. brondanino's Avatar
    I just bought my third 950 XL because mine has the main camera hardware broken, sand into the focusing gear, and can't take picture with it. I purchased it in October 2015 soon after it was announced.
    I normally work with 3 smartphones at the same time. One EliteX3, the 950XL and an iPhone6.
    When my 950XL broke I tried to replace it with Android (S7, BB Keyone, OnePlus 3T). I simply can't stand with Android. It doesn't fit my using style.
    I just feel at home with Win 10 Mobile more than anything else, and I'm now thinking to buy one more 950XL as backup for the next two years or so.
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    07-28-2017 12:27 PM
  9. Hooman Purkhosrow's Avatar
    Dear friends,

    I've got my Lumia 950xl a year ago and it might be helpful to share my experiences. Although, there are some differences in 950 and 950xl hardware, I believe we are mostly suffering from software deficiencies.

    The device was slow and it had to think a lot to open an application. It was also very hot and restarted suddenly. I was completely disappointed.
    Then I did a hard reset and installed the last version of windows phone 10 by my laptop. It is 3 to 4 gigabytes available in Microsoft website. By changing the windows many problems solved but it sometimes woke up abit late and restarted again.
    After a few months I installed insider app and joined to insiders, Amazingly all problems solved and my Lumia has been working smooth, fast, without any heat and crash.
    However being insider means alot of update and it might be annoying, I'm really interested to get new updates and use new features. It is also possible to set update time to quiet hours.
    I strongly suggest everyone to download and install the last version of Windows Phone 10,aaa then join insiders. Surely you will experience less problems than now.
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    07-29-2017 01:59 PM
  10. Mister Burns's Avatar
    I'm just done with the phone. As much as i like the ui, the usability issues just gets in the way of business for me. Missing like calls, texts, long loading times for messages in Skype uwp...i just don't have patience anymore for it
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    07-29-2017 02:15 PM
  11. Elky64's Avatar
    I strongly suggest everyone to download and install the last version of Windows Phone 10,aaa then join insiders. Surely you will experience less problems than now.
    Glad the results were in your favour, but not so sure everyone who joins the insider program will have the same experience. In my opinion, WM/WP still holds the crown for inconsistency across same/similar devices and in all likelihood, will be amplified for some by going insider.
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    07-29-2017 11:25 PM
  12. noirsoft's Avatar
    I was having a lot of random hangs and crashes (camera was particularly crash-prone, as were alarms going off and getting text messages) but a new battery solved all of my problems. Taking a picture, activating sound, getting a call, these things can cause a spike in the amount of power used, and if your battery is failing, can cause it to crash, shut off, and other problems. Definitely look into a new battery. For $35.00 US, my 950 feels like new again.
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    07-31-2017 12:11 AM
  13. Gonzalo Ruiz's Avatar
    This! I buy a new battery and fix all my problems, try to buy new battery, i recommended that solutions!!!
    And thanks!!!!!!
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    07-31-2017 09:18 PM
  14. dagncl's Avatar
    I was getting a lot of the same issues, Bluetooth flicking on and off, camera crashing, hot and running battery down.

    Following advice here,I got a new battery. First replacement battery was dodgy so got another one yesterday, I'll see how that goes.

    Signed up to insider on slow ring, and over the last week battery has been much better and camera hasn't crashed, so I'm slowly getting faith back in my phone. Bluetooth has been ok.

    I have been very much thinking of switching to android due to the troubles, but if it behaves I'll be staying.
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    08-05-2017 11:02 AM
  15. windowsmobile4eva's Avatar
    If your phone is sluggish it needs a refresh. Edge would crash nearly every time I used and scrolling was shocking. After a refresh it runs perfectly.
    11-20-2017 06:25 AM
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