1. savithk's Avatar
    Guys please need your help & suggestion i'm planing buy second hand Microsoft Lumia 950 . how can i check everything is work or not .....currently i have Nokia 625 windows 8.1 phone please reply
    07-30-2018 12:26 PM
  2. spicypadthai's Avatar
    Are you able to test it or are you buying it online? I'd be wary of anything online unless it's a trusted seller with a well-defined return policy. If you are able to test it first hand, then try the camera, WiFi, and Bluetooth to start. If any of those don't work or are wonky, then move on. While it may be something fixed by a hard reset, which you'll want to do whether there are any noticeable problems, I'd steer clear if there are any possible hardware issues. Assuming that stuff checks out, ask about the battery and whether it's the original. If yes, then you'll want to buy a replacement and depending on the price for it plus the phone, you may be able to find a new phone on ebay. Not sure where you're located but I just checked and there are a few for $200 USD or less.
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    07-30-2018 05:02 PM
    i bought Lumia 640 dual sim (manufacturer refurbished), but some basic essential things videlicet are malfunctioning.
    1. photos aren't getting saved.
    2. none of the music player works.
    3. can't access (directly) files stored in memory card through files or some other app.
    4. don't support memory card for storing files.
    5. sometimes camera troubles.
    tried resetting the phone with authorized service center, but even after that status remains same.
    Be careful it's a risky step...
    07-31-2018 02:23 AM
  4. RTGent's Avatar
    I'd watch the Marketplace here and wait for a member with a documented history to offer a nice issue. That's how I finally found a good one here myself.

    Beware of online sellers: I got ripped off by ebay seller <onlybargains2011> who sold me an advertised NEW, UNLOCKED 950 for $129.99 last September. It did arrive looking brand new in an new/original-looking box with all the expected, nicely-wrapped trimmings. A few months later when I moved to T-Mobile, I learned from ATT the phone was not only locked, but it was not even fully paid for at ATT. I learned this just as I was leaving for the holidays, and I wound up having to travel with my unlocked 1020. The seller said my 30 days had passed and I was stuck with his locked, unpaid device. Beware: It sounded good, and it looked even better. Shop patiently if you can, and good luck.
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    08-13-2018 02:49 PM
  5. savithk's Avatar
    finally i bought second hand Microsoft Lumia 950 its working perfectly..battery drain quickly .otherwise its really nice phone ... ya some apps don't support now :-( moving to win8.1 to win10 its cool :-) happy ....
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    09-02-2018 05:51 AM
  6. RTGent's Avatar
    Congrats! Fortunately, you have the option of buying a new battery -I presume, though I haven't needed one to date.
    09-03-2018 03:16 PM

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