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    I decided to utilize the calendar and started adding birthdays to my contacts and events on the calendar. I was doing this through the hotmail website and having it sync to my phone. When I created a birthday for my son, who is 2, it automatically created a contact for him online and on my phone. How can I remove him as a contact and keep his birthday on the calendar?

    The only way I see to do it is to add it as a recurring event, but I would assume there should be a way to keep it as a birthday, just not a contact too.

    Any advice?

    Thank you.

    **Edit - I just realized that nobody reads or post in this topic very much.
    I just deleted the contact, which deletes the birthday. (not what I wanted) Then I added it as an event occouring every year. The thing I don't like is that it is not a "birthday" color like all the other ones on my phone. It just keeps the default agenda color.
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