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    Hi Everyone,

    I am currently in Canada and i have created my hotmail account here 7 years ago, so, my accounts region is Canada, this is the same account I use for my Wndows Phone and I have bought over 40 Applications from the market place.

    The question:
    I will be moving to Dubai (middleeast) september, and I have been reading around that I cannot change region when trying to add a new patment method (Like adding a Visa Card that i will be getting from dubai).

    What advice you have on this, I feel that i will be forced to create a new hotmail account and forget about all my applications and I have to go through moving all the contacts and calender stuff which is a real pain!!! Plus, what if after 10-15 years I decided to move back to canada, or any other country??

    What about the Surface that I am going to buy, this is a serious matter if I start buying apps for the Windows 8 Market Place and the Payment method is restricted by Regionand cannot be changed.

    Yes, I do know that the Market place will be available world wide around october november.

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    Well you actually have two options:

    1. Create a new account. This can be a hassle and pain, starting all over. But let's put this aside as your only option if all else fails.

    2. Continue with your current account. I assure you, you won't have any problems with your account if you decide to use it. I myself have a US account on all my accounts (Windows Phone, Windows 8, Xbox, Zune), live in the Pacific, and have no problems at all. The only thing you have to take note of is your payment options. Making international transactions include off-shore margins, which is the conversion fee. Also remember that conversion rates changes depending on the economy, so you may get charged differently from every purchase you make. International transactions restrictions also depends on the bank you have, some may charge more, some may have no fee at all.

    If you want to go with the first option, you will have the features targeted only in the middle east, from which I know is limited than US/UK and CA. But if you go for the second option, you will still have your stuff (as in everything) but only change the payment option.
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