11-29-2012 10:12 AM
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  1. Simon Tupper's Avatar
    Yeah, Windows users shouldn't care about platform sales. I mean, RIM sales are way down and that hasn't had any effect on their users, right?
    Sarcasm but right on it
    11-28-2012 03:37 PM
  2. brmiller1976's Avatar
    Interestingly, the New York Times had an article on Lumia sales and claims that "sales aren't great, Nokia just didn't make many phones because they expected it to fail in the US market." Some Apple people are demanding "numbers of phones sold" in the comments.

    They're never happy. Give them the number of Windows 8 licenses sold and they claim "it's all a lie, Windows is failing!" Don't give them numbers and they claim "it's all a lie, Windows is failing!" Fortunately, reality has a way of piercing even the thickest fog of Reality Distortion Field. :)
    11-28-2012 08:01 PM
  3. mlm1950's Avatar
    I doubt if we will ever know, but it would be interesting to see if Nokia really did so badly underestimate how well the 920 would do.

    In the future, were I Microsoft, I would stipulate that all GSM phones would work on all frequencies, international and domestic, so that you only had to create one phone of each type, and also no carrier exclusives. Same deal with
    11-28-2012 09:14 PM
  4. Simon Tupper's Avatar
    In fact... from what I read on other forums.... people say that many W8 PCs could have been returned and that Microsoft is not honest about the numbers... but that's not how a software company work... Microsoft does not care about defective hardware... why should they? they sell 1million licenses to Dell and if Dell has 1000 returns... well it's Dell's problem... Microsoft couldn't care less...
    11-29-2012 06:18 AM
  5. Simon Tupper's Avatar
    People's logic is seriously flawed.. I've had a 2 hours talk with a friend of mine who truly believe that if a hardware is returned than the W8 sale should be canceled... The W8 licenses are sold to the hardware company... not the consumer... It's frustrating to have a talk with someone who denies any bit of articles that he don't like... if the article says "The sales are poor" then he believe it, but if it says "W8 better sales than expected" then it's BS
    11-29-2012 06:24 AM
  6. JammyGitz's Avatar
    Could this just be that they sold 40m licences to retailers but people haven't necessarily bought them? My bro just bought a Win 8 laptop and it's just awful
    11-29-2012 07:50 AM
  7. martinmc78's Avatar
    Could this just be that they sold 40m licences to retailers but people haven't necessarily bought them? My bro just bought a Win 8 laptop and it's just awful
    Its based on product activations so doubtful. And i tend to agree that Windows 8 isnt great on laptops unless they have a touchscreen.
    11-29-2012 08:00 AM
  8. kcovert's Avatar
    Yep I'm holding out my WP8 development for a touchscreen laptop that has more than 8GBs of RAM to cover all the VMs I run for my other development. Going to search the web yet again today.
    11-29-2012 08:11 AM
  9. mlm1950's Avatar
    Don't understand why it is so hard for some people to believe that Microsoft sells a high number of operating systems. They still have an 80+% share of the desktop/laptop market, and selling an upgrade to Windows 8 for $40 is bound to drive up demand.

    The world isn't all cell phones and tablets, though now that they are diving in to those markets, their position will only get stronger.
    11-29-2012 10:12 AM
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