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    Accoring to WPpoweruser.com an article states that Windows Phone Russia have claimed that the 7.8 update is upto OEM's!

    Here is the Windows Phone twitter link with this quote:


    Aparantly, "Microsoft will release an update for everyone, but the final decision to issue an update to a specific model is up to the manufacturer". This was the reply to a Fellow HTC user asking if his HTC Titan & Mozart will recieve the update.

    I think it makes sense as Nokia have the update, hence India have the 7.8 for Nokia's, New bought Nokia's such as Lumia 800 are pre-installed with 7.8 out of the box! Meaning Nokia have started to release the update BUT why not HTC!? There acting as though they are cluless but as Windows Phone Russia say, it is upto HTC themselves. Meaning atleast they could confirm that HTC titan, or Mozart, will recieve the update. BUT NOOOO, they dont want to.

    One asked HTC about HTC Mozart and they replied "Hi. The update path for the HTC Mozart is still to be confirmed so we can't say at this time. Keep checking in for the latest."

    Here is the twitter link:


    All is still not clear. When will we recieve the 7.8 update? Which handset's will or will NOT receive the update? and, will HTC, LG and Samsung even release the update to ALL 7.x handsets. As Microsoft stated, all "Legacy" handsets will get the 7.8 update.

    We will (again and again) have to wait and see...
    01-16-2013 04:56 AM
  2. Lobbie1978's Avatar
    Just had a chat session with a HTC employee here in the Netherlands. She told me the same crap; nothing known yet for the 7.8 update for HTC. I own a HD7 and really want the update, but I'm preparing for the news it will never come. Although I have a Lumia 920 in pre-order, I still want my HD7 to receive the update so my girlfriend can make use of it.
    01-17-2013 02:31 PM
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    01-17-2013 02:46 PM

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