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    I have a Lumia 920
    I used box file for drop box to download my noted from the cloud. I'm wondering where are all the .doc .ppt .xls files all saved to? I have office but nothing comes up there so everytime I want to review my documents I have to re-download them over again this sounds really ridicules.

    There are also fee other issues :
    1. Why does auto correct function not work with some 3rd part program like LINE.

    2. WHY can't we attach anything else apart from pictures in emails? Like PDF files? Ohh and documents files direct from the email client?

    3.why dies my phone need rebooting randomly?

    4.NFC does not work with other OS?

    5.facebook app has like hundreds of bugs starting with the lock screen function. The loop for random images I. A album.gets stuck if more then 1 album is selected.

    6. The lock screen function for pictures should have the option to ether display all taken pictures or just 1 picture.

    I guess that's all. Hope you guys can answer my questions as I am.abit lost in getting the answers my self.
    01-21-2013 01:44 PM

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