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    Ok, I appreciate this has been done before, but following on from the news article here, I want to get people's ideas for the ultimate smartphone (note: it doesn't have to be realistic in our current tech, let your imagination run wild).

    Mine, will involve a four way format. You'll have a setting that can be pinned to the Start Screen that will cause the morphing, as this will also allow for using Microsoft TellMe to fire the "Windows, go..." commands (IllumiRoom reference here, each form has their respective command in brackets next to the form name). I'll explain the different ones that are available. When you fire one of the commands, the device remoulds itself in your hands (none of those popout tablets like you've seen on the Samsung concept videos)

    Phone (Windows, go phone!)
    Standard reasonable 4-4.3" PureMotion HD+ screen. PureView Mk1 meets PureView Mk2 (41MP sensor, mechanical shutter, Xenon flash, OIS, low light stuff, etc). The usual stuff. Runs Windows Phone 8 (or whatever version of WP is out by then)

    Tablet (Windows, go tablet!)
    Ok, now I'm a big fan of 7" tablets, for the portability, but with this, when I want to take it out and about, I can just morph it into a phone when I don't need it, so we can forget about that. 10" screen, with a game-changing 1'000 PPI. Switches to Windows RT for this. Also has a stylus like on the Galaxy Note series which can be tucked away (the pen has a connection to the device so you can't lose it).

    Laptop (Windows, go laptop!)
    Right, so we need a big *** screen for this. So, the laptop, when set up, will allow for big work. So, we have a 10" tablet. But, when we need the laptop, we will probably need more screen real estate. So, we get a Windows 8 Pro laptop, with a 25" screen, again with 1'000 PPI, and yes, it is a touch-screen! Even though it has Windows 8 Pro, it will come with a full copy of Office Home and Business edition (AFAIK this is Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Don't know if OneNote is included, I think this is omitted from H&B but included in Home & Student). Also comes with the usual Windows 8 keyboard with a number pad too.

    Xbox (Windows, go gaming!)
    And now, we come to the best bit. With this, your phone will morph into a screen that can be seen as similar to the top screen of a 3DS XL (it'll be the same size), with an Xbox controller connected to it (at an angle of about 45 degrees). To the right of it, you will have an in-built touch-sensitive SmartGlass screen too. You will be able to play XBLA games on this too.

    Specs, I will think about this later, but they will need to be big. All forms except for the Xbox part will have an active-capacitive dual-digitizer (the Xbox SG screen will be a standard capacitive screen).
    02-15-2013 06:08 AM

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