10-14-2014 11:07 PM
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  1. ny_yankees's Avatar
    The cosumer reactions are filled with old people nagging about how Windows 8 sucks or how its the worst OS ever. All because they can't figure a few changes. " Oh my god, there is no start button, what do I do, sky is falling, the sky falling, I can't find the shut down button, I hate Windows 8, I want to go back windows 7".

    One even said this "My screen jumps back and forth for NO REASON and it gets really tiny all of a sudden". Yea lady its called pinch zooming in and out. All touch screen have it. Stop accidentally pinching zoom your screen when you are trying to click something and it won't happen
    03-02-2013 10:46 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    I think one thing is clear, you NEED a touch screen to really appreciate Win8. For now, on my ultrabook, without touch screen, I will stick with Win7 despite the fact that it can handle Win8. :)
    03-02-2013 11:00 PM
  3. phatboy66's Avatar
    Absolutely agree with pkcable. At first, I was really turned off by Windows 8 consumer preview but I used it on a non- touchscreen laptop. But when I went to Bestbuy later to try the new windows 8 laptops I was really blown away by how the experience completely changed! Microsoft has a great product, but it will take time for people to switch and learn how to use it.
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    03-02-2013 11:25 PM
  4. leinea's Avatar
    I think one thing is clear, you NEED a touch screen to really appreciate Win8. For now, on my ultrabook, without touch screen, I will stick with Win7 despite the fact that it can handle Win8. :)
    I don't really think that's the case. Maybe I use my computer in a very strange way but I barely used the start menu and I barely use the metro menu. So I get all the technical benefits of win8 (improved hotkeys, better performance, improved dialogs, improved task manager, ...) without really having to deal with the Metro UI. I personally don't mind it and don't care that it takes more space than the old start men but people seems to find it an huge issue (?)

    And I'm working as a Software Developer, so I'm not just using my pc for accessing Facebook :p
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    03-03-2013 04:00 AM
  5. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    I think it fine without a touchscreen I have it on both my laptops without touch and I can easily navigate through.

    I have less problems with Windows 8 than 7 with my family either my mum enjoys it and finds it very easy to use specially when I pinned all the application on the screen that she needs.

    I very much enjoying the experience however it would be good to have a touchscreen to see what it would be like and thinking about getting the surface pro.
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    03-03-2013 06:12 AM
  6. gapost's Avatar
    I have used it on both touchscreen desktops and non-touchscreen and also a notebook with touchpad. I probably prefer the mouse over the touch. The touchpad is not very good with Win8, but if you add a mouse, it works good.
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    03-03-2013 06:18 AM
  7. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar
    I'm looking to get a 22" touch screen monitor for my Windows 8 needs. Also, will hopefully get a non-touchscreen monitor (also 22") that has a HDMI out port, so I can connect the Xbox up too. Then can swap between Xbox and PC on a whim :D
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    03-03-2013 06:18 AM
  8. tissotti's Avatar
    I love Windows 8 (full Windows 8) on my Vivo tab, but just decided that my own build 1200 euros PC rig would be running Windows 7.
    At the moment Windows 8 really does not bring all that much to desktop. I was thinking for a couple of days that i would buy proper ~24" IPS touch screen panel, but again the benefits for the software and price of good quality touch screen panels didn't really hit home for me.

    That update will more than likely happen for me in year or two after Windows Blue update, but not yet.

    Also i'm not sure if it's old people you see complaining. I have been surprised that quite many of the Windows Phone users here are over 40. I was expecting more people on their early 20's.
    03-03-2013 10:22 AM
  9. koolkid09's Avatar
    I'm 19 and I think Windows 8 is terrible. I do respect Windows Phone 8 though.

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
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    03-03-2013 10:26 AM
  10. ImmortalWarrior's Avatar
    @ the OP. This, so much this.

    I have an older friend who I just spent 24 hours *****ing back and forth with over the fact that his new windows 8 PC "sucks". He's mad cause he bought a cheapo desktop with home edition and he has to get pro to get media center.

    Of course, I reminded him that media center was never available for home editions of windows anyways yet he's still *****ing that Microsoft and windows sucks. Now he's whining that he's just gonna get a galaxy tab instead. I told him to go nuts for all I care.
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    03-03-2013 10:31 AM
  11. Rising Mos's Avatar
    If he doesn't like windows just because it doesn't have wmc, I wonder what he will say when he finds that all his windows software are not in galaxy tab! Lol
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    03-03-2013 10:36 AM
  12. conanheath's Avatar
    Touch screen IS the only way to truly appreciate W8. And if your hardware is worth what you paid for it, the touchpad has very capable gestures to accommodate UI. Touch IS the next interface. MS did a pretty good job with layout. But like others have stated, if I didn't have touch, I would just stick with W7. Also, boot time on W8 is like 10sec compared to 1-2min on W7. Worth the upgrade for that alone.
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    03-03-2013 11:23 AM
  13. ny_yankees's Avatar
    I was reading an article on Yahoo last night which was promoting all the new Windows 8 laptops and out of like 500 comments, 99% was just trashing Windows 8. Most of the comments were about people complaining about how the UI sucks and its not user friendly like. This is like in every Win 8 article I read. Which is really bad because Win 8 is actually a good OS but its getting a horrible reputation because people don't know how to use it.
    03-03-2013 12:02 PM
  14. ImmortalWarrior's Avatar
    I know. He's being dip****. I told him to install Linux if he wants so much function (though I don't use Linux at home, I am an aficionado of it and am quite familiar with unix as well) but that he would then complain that even the most basic stuff doesn't work and requires manual intervention at times.
    03-03-2013 02:01 PM
  15. ImmortalWarrior's Avatar
    People are scared of change. OOOO IT'S SOOOO SCARY!!!

    They happen to forget that the same issues were raised going from DOS to Windows 1.0, from Windows 3.1 to Win95, and from 98 and 2000 to XP. There is a reason people have clung to the "classic" theme for so long. Bloody dinosaurs.

    I have Win8 pro on my gaming/dev work station. Triple monitor widescreen and all the fix-ins and I resisted going to Win8 for a bit of fear on multi monitor support. Luckily for me, I tested it in a VM and found it to be no issue and it works fantastically. I feel like I'm going back years when I get on my work laptop with Windows 7. It feels like such a step backward compared against all the win8 improvements.
    03-03-2013 02:06 PM
  16. Mad MilkMan's Avatar
    Old people are the reason we don't have flying cars! LOL. Seriously though, Windows 8 may confuse a lot of people and that's fine with me. I have a Windows 8 laptop without a touchscreen and I still love it! Microsoft knows what they are doing, they want their computer programs to start moving to the touch side of things, so that way in the near future when everything is touch input they will already have a leg up on the competition. It literally took me about a week to adjust to the way things have changed from 7 to 8, and now operating Windows 8 is just as simple as 7.
    03-03-2013 02:29 PM
  17. jabtano's Avatar
    I'm using Win 8 on a gaming rig, have it on my laptop, and surface. Win 8 is much better when using a touch screen. the difference between my desktop and laptop is like night and day. I don't mean in speed but in function. I think it's a great OS
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    03-03-2013 03:06 PM
  18. ny_yankees's Avatar
    Yep its a great OS and it won't do well if it keeps getting bad reviews from false information.

    I think Microsoft needs to start advertising Win 8 better. Instead of having all those commercials about people dancing around in la la land and clicking the surface and keyboard togetehr, they need to what Apple does wth their tablets/phones. That is in their commercial they show one feature of the system, and usually the person with their finger walks it through on how to use it and how the program works. Apple commercials actually got that part right. Most of us don't realize it but consciously it actually does help us get familiarized with the system. That's just my 2 cent
    03-03-2013 07:34 PM
  19. giffis's Avatar
    Whatever is your opinion, Windows 8 have much better user experience than Windows 7 with or without touch screen. Yes there is learning curve for 70% of the people. Approach it in a positive way, things will change. I am in software development industry for the past 15 years. Can understand both the sides.
    03-03-2013 08:36 PM
  20. WavingReds's Avatar
    W8 is GREAT! I love it!

    It also does not help when being reviewed from sites that are more anti microsoft ahem "engadget, the verge" cause you know Chrome Pixel got a higher review than Surface Pro or RT >.>
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    03-03-2013 08:43 PM
  21. clbarker10's Avatar
    W8 is GREAT! I love it!

    It also does not help when being reviewed from sites that are more anti microsoft ahem "engadget, the verge" cause you know Chrome Pixel got a higher review than Surface Pro or RT >.>
    Wow really? Unbelievable if that's true. Are they usually high?
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    03-03-2013 08:52 PM
  22. TaichiSurface's Avatar
    I love using my surface rt...it's so good, it's perfect for tablet use. I don't know the full windows 8 experience will probably be slightly different
    03-03-2013 09:12 PM
  23. WavingReds's Avatar
    Wow really? Unbelievable if that's true. Are they usually high?
    yep the glorified browser laptop got the same score as RT version and .5 less than Pro

    Surface RT verge score = 7.0 but Chromebook Pixel = 7.5 ! What logic is this??? | The Verge Forums

    Microsoft Surface Pro review | The Verge
    03-03-2013 09:19 PM
  24. TaichiSurface's Avatar
    can chromebook install any x86 windows programs? if not what use is there for those specs...
    03-03-2013 09:33 PM
  25. clbarker10's Avatar
    Interesting...seems the moderator is on the defense. There's no explanation it seems. Could they have based each review on their particular category? What I mean is that an iPhone can score a 9.5 yet a MacBook can score a 9 when one is obviously superior. Was the rt reviewed as a tablet as it should be and the pixelbook as a laptop? I know the categories are similar even identical in many aspects but the tech industry still has yet to label them as one.
    03-03-2013 09:34 PM
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