03-10-2013 07:44 PM
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  1. jabtano's Avatar
    Heck if I want to look cool I just take out my WP while everyone is pretty much using the same looking OS. I see one or two looking OoOo WHATS THAT?...they want to look more, but notice the glaring looks from the other sheep... "DON'T YOU LOOK AT THAIT IT'S A WINDOWS PHONE " . Being cool is not being like everyone else.
    03-06-2013 02:25 PM
  2. johninsj's Avatar
    Welcome to the WP8 support group. Be sure to grab some coffee.

    It's a smartphone. Does it do what you want or need? Yes? Excellent. Use it. No? Try some other platform.
    03-06-2013 03:22 PM
  3. sunnybyday's Avatar
    I think the person is mentioning SkyDrive and Office as pluses not for the Lumia series but for his phone, wp, in general. I have used office on a smaller screen and from in our house with four top end devices, the WP has the best keyboard, IMO. I am not confused by your name, BB10 fan, as you clearly state you are switching to BB10. Hence you are a BB fan an not a WP fan, which is all good in the universe. I find postive and negative in all the OS's and ecosystems.

    With this subject you can insert any device and OS into the subject line. In fact if you go to Crackberry, Droidcentral, etc you will find posts similar in some way. The responses will usually be a mixed bag from kind, insightful, angry, and strange. Some responses may feel WP is awesome and the OS is smooth and effecient. Another comment, like WasteNoTime's comment, will be negative about the ecosystem because an application is not in the marketplace yet and the developer does not have a release date. Which, I don't know why WasteNoTime you feel "lied" to and the lack of a timetable is a slight annoyance, but is truly no different than other OS's. Finally the comment I prefer to the topic is to choose the device and OS that works for you. I prefer WP and IOS and even though I like the galaxy SIII hardware and my wife loves the device, I am not a fan of google nor the OS.

    My opinion which means nothing to anyone as it is relates to my presonal preference, feelings, and needs. All of which are different than others. Some people use twitter and instagram all day long, personally I have zero use for it and find humor that others need attention so badly that they post pictures of the bagel they ate in the morning and the running shoes they never use. The lack of applications is only a slight annoyance. The biggest annoyance on WP8 is Xbox Music/video. Having other devices I can honestly say out of thousands of applications on ios and android we use maybe a few consistently. Having options and applications are nice don't get me wrong, and are a positive for any OS.

    Also, the internet is full of people with an agenda. My friend has apple stock. Spreads the word of Apple and tells everyone the "Bill Gates Machine" is the devil. He knows zero of WP, W8, etc. He has an agenda. People lie and create issues to further "their" cause. "People are Strange"...

    In other words. Depending on what you use your phone for and your likes/needs will determine if WP or any OS is for you. Don't let anyone tell you different and remember if they are so passionate about telling you something is one way they have an agenda. ::End Rant::
    Just 1 post and what a way to start! I couldn't have said it better - exactly my feelings :)
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    03-06-2013 03:56 PM
  4. Ridemyscooter86's Avatar
    I think its the best platform....Also its growing. I don't see apple or android growing much. The other thing, Microsoft needs mobile badly. Why do you think they made windows 8 and RT the way they did....tablets! They need smartphones too. I hope WP turns out the way xbox did...slow to start, but they keep sticking with it and throw money at it and it grows. Throwing money at things usually seems to work for most companies, so hopefully Microsoft will throw more money at it. Really though, they can't afford not to have a foothold in mobile, so, I can't see why they would can windows phone, they would have nothing to replace it with and they would be out of the mobile game.
    03-10-2013 07:44 PM
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