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    Hello guys!

    I need help or al least some thoughts on this little issue I'm facing. So.. the short question is: do I need to reset my Windows Phone if I activate 2-step authentication on my primary Microsoft account (which is, of course, the account I used to register on my WP) or my account will work without any other changes for the password?

    The long question (where I'm supposed to explain myself or at least try): I have two mail accounts: an Outlook account and a Gmail account (a Google account on which I do have activated 2-step verification). In order to use my Gmail account I had to use an ASP password generated in my Google panel settings -- you know what I mean, right? Now that MS has launched the official optional 2-step authentication method (which I have not yet activated, but I do think about doing so) is it necessary to make some sort of "App Specific Password"-Google-like thing? Or I will just activate 2-step and leave my WP with my MS account just as it was before activating the optional security layer, no need for changing password and all that headache process?

    Additional note: I had a third account linked on my WP which had no 2-step thing, it was just normal password protected. I change my password on this account a few weeks ago on my computer and forgot to update the password on my WP. Later on, when I saw a message like "This account needs attention" or something like that, nothing worked: updating my password on my WP, deleting the account and adding it again, activating those SSL stuff at the "Advanced Settings" button -- nothing, the account was just inaccessible from my phone. So I had to re-change my new password to my old password in order to be able to sync my account with my WP. Kind of stupid if you ask me. Anyway, I got it working with another "new" password - but I have no idea how!


    Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone 7.8
    04-19-2013 07:24 AM
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    Paul Thurott actually put together a great guide that covers a lot of these questions. See http://winsupersite.com/cloud/enable...rosoft-account
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    04-20-2013 08:24 PM

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