1. Hashim Al Sakkaf's Avatar
    Windows Phone 8 is one of the best mobile operating systems. It is very smooth and unique and it has acceptable hardware if we compare it to Android Hardware. However, the hardware is capable of running the OS very smoothly even better than some quad core Android devices.
    So the hardawre is not a matter to us and it will not affect the growth of WP8. But there are many-things wrong on the software. Maybe you will think I hate wp8 or something but I don't. Lets talk about one of the main software issues.

    Games are the main concern for mobile-gamers and they are many! The issue is with the graphics and with the versions of the games coming to wp8. The graphics of some games are awfully bad since the developers of those games make the game work on 0.5 gb ram and 1 gb ram phones. Then why we bought those 1 gb ram phones? is it for the camera alone? Of course not! The solution is to make different versions of each game specially the ones that require high end hardware. For example, real racing 2, the graphics is so bad compared to even iphone 4! Lumia 920 has much better hardware specs, yet the graphics is bad, why is that? Are we just gonna say good thing about wp8 and forget about these important issues? Moreover, the version of real racing we have is 2 while the other OSs have 3...Whats wrong with you EA? or what are you doing Microsoft? why you are not moderating the Store and deleting all bad quality games and enforcing developers do bring the same quality and versions of games available in other plafroms.
    05-25-2013 03:38 PM
  2. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Ports from different OS's tend to be glitch at first then they start releasing fixes to solve the major issues then start with making it compatible with 512MB devices. For Microsoft enforcing developer to make good quality games won't push them to release games, they will come but will focus on android and iphone due to more user using these type of devices (it all about making a profit ).
    06-07-2013 07:25 PM
  3. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    Porting takes money, time and effort.
    Especially when iOS uses C++, Android uses Java and WP more or less uses C#.

    Besides, most games tend to be optimized for the platform they were first released on.

    If I'd made any mistakes, please correct me.
    06-07-2013 07:55 PM

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