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    I have no plans on buying the Xbox One for various reasons. Steam has been great for me for multiple computers over the years and has allowed me to continue to play my games on newer and newer laptops and desktops. I hate the idea of buying a game for a system, and only being able to play it on that system and not likely newer versions.
    I started to think to myself, what would be required to get me to purchase it? What features would change my mind? I literally just built a i5/7970 based desktop for gaming (Ultra on all my games :) ), so what would make me want another device for gaming at home?

    To me, the answer is pretty simple: Make an Xbox that has games that are compatible with Windows computers. Imagine this, you buy a game for your new Xbox. You are playing it and loving it! But the wife/kids demand control of the tv. So you walk to your computer room, turn on your computer and pick up where you left off (the save automatically synced). Now, your friend hasn't been able to get the new Xbox and therefore can't play this new game (doesn't have a new enough computer). You grab your laptop, head over to his house, connect it to his tv through hdmi and plug in 2 Xbox controllers.

    As we can tell with the next gen systems coming this year, the move is toward systems that are basically specialized home computers. The insides include parts that are becoming more and more like what I have in my gaming computer. It shouldn't be hard to make a version of Windows 8 with a Xbox GUI. Also, it could be done in a way that games literally only have to be made once to work on a home computer and a game console.

    How would buying games work?
    You would buy a game that comes with a product key for either Xbox or PC. Now, to use it on the other, you would buy a separate key, but would use the same disc. For example: You buy COD 29 for the Xbox for $60. You get a product key that only works with the Xbox. If you try to install it on a PC, it will work but you will get stopped at the point you need to enter a product key. To get the key for the PC, you enter your Xbox key on a site and it gives you the opportunity to buy the PC key for $5 to $15 depending on what the developer decides. Now, you have the game for PC and Xbox! You only need that one disc to install (or there will be the only installer). All your saves will sync. BTW, all these games (on the PC) would go through a Microsoft version of Steam. Games would have to be bought inside this ecosystem (meaning games bought on Steam or Origin would not be compatible or eligible).

    Does it make sense for a money stand point for Microsoft?
    I think so. From what I understand, Xbox and Playstation are sold at cost or loss to help encourage adoption as fast as possible. People who are on the fence about buying a game system could still buy the exclusive title and play it on their PC. This would encourage the buying of the system down the road. This would also encourage the buying of more accessories. All Xbox accessories would be compatible with the PC. For things like controllers or wheels, people will buy multiple just so they won't have to continuously move them around. We all accessories is where the money really is on the hardware side anyways. Also, this will help lock people into Microsoft's ecosystem even more. I think Microsoft would love to have a competing gaming product like Steam on PC's that people took seriously. Given how entrenched Steam is for most PC gamers, this will not be an easy task. A setup like the one I described would give Microsoft a fighting chance at accomplishing this over the following 4 years or so.

    What about the developers?
    Talk about a wonderful idea for them. They only have to develop that game once that can be played on PC and the Xbox console. Also, only a very small minority of people buy a game for multiple platforms (not talking about iOS and Android versions of Angry Birds). This will allow them to make a few extra dollars on people now willing to get it for two platforms. It would also encourage people to buy a game instead of pirating, knowing that if they do buy, it will be really cheap to also get for the Xbox. To help protect the developer more, a game that someone buys for the PC and Xbox would work in LAN multiplayer but not online multiplayer.

    What about WP?
    I kind of adding this section as an after thought, but it could be an important point. Obviously a phone can't play the same games (and it wouldn't be practical for a controls stand point), but it could allowing playing of mini-games. Also, games like Minecraft could allow playing of the same maps on PC/Xbox/WP. The WP playable content for the games would be free with the purchase of the game on Xbox/PC. All of this would be exclusive to WP and added to the current (though few) advantages it already has.

    I know this plan isn't perfect and some of you will be able to find holes on why this might not work but I think it is a solid base on how to dominate the household even more. As I said, I have no intention of buying a new console anytime soon. That said, 2 years from now I might be. If the games I buy now could be played on the Xbox for a small few extra bucks, why in the world would I go PS4?
    06-01-2013 10:35 PM
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    given how games that were going to come out on PC and Xbox, once acquired by Microsoft, they scraped the PC version (like Alan Wake, which had PC version delayed 2 years and was only released at the request of the developer), Microsoft could care less about PC gaming. all they care about is their xbox.
    won't happen bro
    06-02-2013 01:13 AM

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