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    AdDuplex Stats: WP8 Devices Outnumber WP7, 9/10 Top Ten Most Popular WPs are Nokia : My Nokia Blog
    So, apparently, @ailon (Alan Mendelevich) teased the AdDuplex stats for June. Well, here are the teasers:
    top 8 Windows Phone in use today are all made by Nokia (9 out of 10)
    if you only count WP8 devices, there's a new no.1 Windows Phone carrier in the US.
    WP8 Lumias account for more than 50% of total Windows Phones in India
    probably the most important news is that there are now more WP8 devices in use in the world than WP7
    Lumia 520 has almost doubled its worldwide market share over a month.
    we've seen new unidentified devices from Nokia, HTC, Huawei and Samsung.
    the highest build number of WP 8.1 we've seen so far is 8.10.12106.0
    Also, a quick mistake by Alan:
    .@WP_DownUnder special #AdDuplexWPStats teaser just for you: top 8 WP devices in Australia are all made by Nokia.
    Followed up by this:
    .@WP_DownUnder I'm sorry, I lied :/ My AU teaser was actually based on data for China... sorry! But you confirmed my wrong data :P
    Since if you want to see everything (and also his personal life), hop on to twitter.com/ailon or just wait for the full report :)
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    Somethings that standout for me:

    - Surprised to see that the 800, 710 and even 610 are still very widely used
    - There are more 822s out there in the US than 920s
    - Verizon has more Windows Phone customers than AT&T

    With the last two points maybe Nokia should reconsider their loyalty to AT&T. The 822 wasn't even a flagship and barely got marketed compared to the 920 yet it sold more.
    06-11-2013 03:16 PM