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    I watch a lot of Major League Baseball (MLB.tv online or with the mobile app; I have no clue if the same ads are shown on TV), and this season I've seen a lot of Microsoft ads. Their marketing department seems to have stepped thing up recently! I don't see many WP ads, but mostly Windows tablets & bingiton. The only other ad I see regularly that would be considered competition is T-Mobile's ad with the guy who lives in a shoe choosing the GS4. But the phone isn't really the focus of the ad. It's T-Mobile vs. AT&T.

    In the bingiton ad, they say that Bing is preferred for the web's top searches. I wonder exactly what they mean by "top searches." The latest statistics I've seen indicate that Bing is at least 3rd in market share. I'm interested in hearing if anyone knows where Microsoft is pulling numbers from. I'd also like to hear your results of bingiton, if you've done it. I have, and Google usually wins by a large margin. I realize that the results aren't the same as if you use bing.com or google.com, but still, other people must have different results. If everybody would have the same results I do they certainly wouldn't be persuaded to use Bing!

    I think the tablet ad is clever! I'm not sure how many consumers are convinced to buy one because you can edit PowerPoint presentations, but it's interesting nonetheless. Probably the price difference is the biggest draw.
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    06-16-2013 10:08 PM
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    I have seen a ton of the iPad vs W8 Tablet ads lately. They are pretty funny... The only bad part was when the add was on when watching the Mariner game, my father in law said he wanted an ipad so he can play chopsticks...WTH!
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    06-17-2013 12:02 AM

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