1. despertador's Avatar
    Exciting news with MS buying Nokia and all! I've been wonderfully enjoying their Lumia line, which is, in my opinion, amazing!

    I wanted to think about how long I've been with WP and Nokia (and HTC). I've been here since WP had 2% (I think) - 8%, which is now. Man, the progress so far is incredible, considering the tough competition at the moment.

    Started with HTC, enjoyed it, until Nokia joined and I could enter the premium experience. That's WP 7.5 -> 8.Amber!

    How long has your journey been, and share your experiences!
    09-03-2013 01:39 AM
  2. Reflexx's Avatar
    Since the beginning.

    I was one of the "Backstage" people that frequented Microsoft's Backstage Windows Phone forums months before Windows Phone existed.
    09-03-2013 01:48 AM
  3. samsungtabuser230's Avatar
    I have been using Lumia 720 for nearly 2 months now (a late adopter?) and quite frankly I like the clean UI. I have used Nexus 4 before this so it was difficult to get used to the lack of all my frequently used apps.

    For me the best feature has been the 'zero-lag'. I use my phone for emails, messaging, a bit of Skype and calling. So, I have everything I need and nothing I dont.

    I would say if we get a few user friendly updates like turning off haptic feedback on the main keys, ability to kill tasks more easily and a central notification system of sorts I would consider this perfect for me.

    Sent from my RM-885_im_india_249 using Tapatalk
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    09-03-2013 02:13 AM
  4. xrs22's Avatar
    Since January 2010. Samsung focus, Lumia 900, 920 & 928. Wanted something different from everybody else.
    09-03-2013 02:15 AM
  5. Pete's Avatar
    I've been here since WP7 launch. Samsung Omnia 7 and HTC 8X.
    09-03-2013 05:16 AM
  6. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar
    So we have early and late adopters. I'm a middle-age adopter. Joined in with the HTC Titan (moving from Android and the HTC Desire Z), and now own a Lumia 920 (hopefully soon to be 1020 as my 920 has been nothing but trouble)
    09-03-2013 05:31 AM
  7. anurag.m's Avatar
    Samsung omnia (windows mobile) >> Lumia800 >> Lumia920. Total 4 years
    09-03-2013 05:43 AM
  8. anon(5344685)'s Avatar
    HTC Trophy> Lumia 800>Lumia 920>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>...............
    09-03-2013 05:46 AM
  9. martinmc78's Avatar
    Samsung Omnia - HTC HD7 - HTC 8X, coming up to 4.5 years
    09-03-2013 05:55 AM
  10. HeyCori's Avatar
    Samsung Focus > Titan > 900 > 920 > 1020 (soon)

    All purchased by me but not all mines.
    09-03-2013 05:56 AM
  11. quantum tao's Avatar
    Tmobile sda running windows mobile 5.
    09-03-2013 05:58 AM
  12. gedzum's Avatar
    I got my Lumia 800 in December 2011 then got my Lumia 920 in July 2013.
    09-03-2013 06:01 AM
  13. Wilsen Hernandez's Avatar
    I've been here for 8 months since I bought my Lumia 800, then it broke 3 weeks ago and now I have a Lumia 920. I just love this OS.
    09-03-2013 06:01 AM
  14. pmhgeneral's Avatar
    HTC Trophy at release, Lumia 822...

    Sent from my Lumia 822 using Tapatalk
    09-03-2013 06:05 AM
  15. tgp's Avatar
    Since January 2010. Samsung focus, Lumia 900, 920 & 928. Wanted something different from everybody else.
    Those first 9 months must have been interesting, considering that October 2010 is when WP7 was released...
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    09-03-2013 07:09 AM
  16. Zomby Jeezus's Avatar
    HTC Trophy release and now (Microsoft)Lumia928
    09-03-2013 07:10 AM
  17. PJLips's Avatar
    Since the early days. Lots of missing features, but my god was WP beautiful.

    Omnia 7 -> Lumia 800 -> HTC Titan (Man I loved that phone) -> HTC 8X
    09-03-2013 09:46 AM
  18. jenni122701's Avatar
    About a month. HTC 8X. Really enjoying it!

    Sent from my iPad 3rd Gen using Tapatalk
    09-03-2013 09:59 AM
  19. giffis's Avatar
    IPhone 4 to 900>920>1020. And converted 10 of my friends from IPhone to WP
    09-03-2013 10:11 AM

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